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Syria: Catholic Priest beheaded by Islamists

The severed head of the priest is shown to the crowd.

Syria – The Vatican has confirmed the cold-blooded murder of the Franciscan priest François Murad (49). He was beheaded in the public by radical Islamic terrorists on Sunday the 23th of June in northern Syria in the region of Gassanieh.

The neck of the pinioned priest was severed with a knife. Afterwards, the head was shown to the roaring crowd. The Catholic priest had sought refuge in the local Christian monastery, which was attacked by the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra.

This heinous act must bring to mind for every Christian in the world that these so-called rebels in Syria are cold-blooded killers and no freedom fighters and they are certainly not the guardians of Islam. They can shout “Allahu Akbar” while their slaughtering as loud as they want, this has absolutely nothing to do with God.

Anyone who takes the life of a man commits a mortal sin, period!

Every Muslim who does not strongly condemn this brutal murder of a defenseless Catholic priests is making himself complicit.

The severed head of the priest is shown to the crowd.
The severed head of the priest is shown to the crowd.

The Koran forbids this. The murderers and all the people who have watched this and done nothing will end up in the eternal damnation. They are the servants of Satan and they will forever atone for their cowardly act.

The beheading is shown in the following video, which makes father François to a martyr who died only because of his Christian faith.

Warning: the recording is extremely brutal and I only show this because there are people who still deny that such atrocities are committed by the jihadists within Syria.

The first victim’s father François. The second, who was also beheaded, is said to have collaborated with the government of al-Assad. A third person, who`s hands were also tied behind his back and is kneeling on the ground awaits the same fate.

I lack the words to express my outrage about this horrible massacre. Those damned murderers let even children watch this.

Why does the Western media not report about these heinous killings of Christians and about who gives these bands of murderers all the money and weapons to rage in Syria? Namely the worst dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as well as Turkey, Jordan and Israel, and the United States and Great Britain.

Where is the condemnation of these atrocities by the governments of the so-called civilized West? Otherwise, they make a huge outcry when it comes to human rights and the protection of human life. Obviously, all means are OK for them as long as they are about the overthrow of al-Assad.

Hereby, I call on all readers of ASR (see link to source below) to send this article with the video to all the members of the government, the governments, media, prosecutors, representatives of the various religions and to all who should know about this.

The support of the terrorists who have invaded Syria and who commit the worst crimes must be stopped immediately and the perpetrators punished.

Source: alles-schallundrauch


  1. Mike Ali

    By the way, not all muslims do these horrible crimes; only the wahabi/salafi sunnis do that.
    These are not mulsims; they were made to ruin the good image of Islam. They made the word “Allahu Akbar” a word connected to murder and killing. They didn’t make only western or christian people hate islam, but even the good muslims too.

    • Jacky

      read this, Two other men, both of them criminals,were also led out to be put to death with Jesus,.When they came to the place called “The Skull” they crucified Jesus there and the two criminals,one on his right and one on his left.Jesus Said” Forgive them Father, they dont know what they are doing” Luke 23 : 32-34………Christian Teaching is Love one an another John 15:17


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