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More NATO Terror against Syria While Media Avert Their Gaze

NATO terrorists continued their second day of trying to sate their insatiable blood lust, celebrating the latest cessation of hostilities. On 14 January, NATO supported snipers opened fire on al Nawra Square in the Jam’ayat al Zahra neighborhood of Aleppo City. One civilian was murdered. Western outskirts of the city and safe villages have been targeted in the last two days, with dozens killed and injured, and peoples homes and businesses damaged. The carnage of the savages continues to be ignored by stenographer journalists.

Yousuf, 9, killed by a sniper bullet while walking home from school in Aleppo. [Archive]

The author does not speak in hyperbole by condemning these blood-thirsty vermin as “NATO terrorists.” They are funded by the taxpayers of NATO countries, their weapons are of NATO. It is NATO media that cheer the misanthropic human garbage as heroic victims.

Though the Syrian Arab Army have successfully moved tens of civilians from areas near terrorists’ control, via Abu al Douhour and al Hadar corridors, the NATO savages have engaged in mortar fire against these operations.

Also on 14 January, the Obama created and Trump fake abandoned NATO armed separatist SDF (Qasad) opened fire with live ammunition on Syria civilians in al Basira village, Deir Ezzor. This faction of human garbage murdered two persons, and injured three. The civilians had assembled to protest likely against the usual problems with this gang: Forced displacement, prohibition of free movement, theft of homes, kidnapping children to send them to military training camps.

It should be noted that the USA is NATO leadership. The USA is currently crumbling, within. Infrastructure is collapsing, hospitals are being closed, ordinary people are forced to crowdfund to pay medical bills and funeral expense, diseases are spreading throughout urban centers as homelessness increases, and famous cities are breaking their own, terrible records for murders, including murders by guns.

Such conditions unfit for civilized human beings, are put aside, as many of these Americans cheer their president’s criminal, cowardly assassination, and in disgusting colonialist depravity, cheer the armed savages in Syria.

Miri Wood

In the fall of 2016, NATO media began their frenzied support of al Qaeda in Aleppo. They ignored the sniper attacks on young Syrian children — like the murdered Yousef — coming home from school. This report includes the photograph of his mom, collapsed on the floor of the hospital, when told her little boy was dead.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Everything is going accordingly to a plan set up by Zion for Iran. They now almost prepared a “legal” ground for a war which looks like is going to be declared after Trump reelection.
    Iran needs nukes badly and fast. This the only option left For Iran to exist as a country.
    Iran has no choice: nuclear deterrence or total annihilation.
    Iran is framed and cross haired.


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