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Israel Launches New Air Aggression on T-4 Airport in Homs, Syria

Biden bombing Syria again

At 2210 on 14 January, Israel launched a new criminal aggression against Syria, bombing the T-4 Airport in eastern Homs countryside. The criminal jets came from the region of al Tanf — where Trump regime illegal occupation forces have a base — near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

ISIS’ first air force in Syria dropped several bombs, most of which were intercepted by Syria’s air defense system. Four escaped the defenses, with material damage and no casualties.

Israel resorts to overwhelming the defense systems with a barrage of missiles, courtesy of the US taxpayers, in order to reach the targets.

At the time of heightened tensions in the region, the regime of embattled Netanyahu tries to escalate further. The pair Netanyahu and his poodle Trump need a major distraction from upcoming indictments and massive trouble at home. Both of them boast inflated economies with the first’s being a parasite on the latter’s already inflated economy, and both are pushing to avoid the anticipated economic crisis looming due to inflating the US petrodollar on paper.

It also does not require much smartness to understand that aggressive regimes in Israel and its sponsor the USA need a face-saving after Iran’s successful and unprecedented First Slap to the US forces in Iraq with 100% accuracy and scoring.

America’s parasitic welfare state’s war criminal bombings follow two days of al-Qaeda terrorist ground attacks in Aleppo and Hasaka.

Miri Wood

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    You are mistaken again my friend regarding American taxpayer as an idiot. American taxpayer is fully understand – his money kills abroad. One is extremely na├»ve thinking that American taxpayer is not an accomplice in American imperial crimes.
    True Americans love to kill and enjoy killing very much. They getting depressed if they can’t

  2. Freespirit

    Bullies attack because you allow them to.

    Take down one Israeli plane, trespassing over your territory and they will, like all COWARDS, think twice before doing it again or may even stop trespassing.

    If Israel does not stop……………..

    ……..Hezbollah, Iran and the Palestinian special forces, in Syria would love a legitimate excuse, to take out Israel.If I were younger my IRISH REBEL Guerilla warfare knowledge and experience would come in very handy (I’m 79)

  3. Miri Wood

    Syria thinks strategically, not tactically.

    If it did not, the country would not have survived these years of the most hideous international conspiracy in history.


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