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Mezzeh Military Airbase Attacked by Israel, Again

image-Mezzeh Military Airbase Attacked by Israel Raid

The Mezzeh Military Airport has been targeted by a barrage of ground to ground battlefield short range missiles fired from north of the Sea of Galilee (Tabaraya Lake). No casualties, a weapons depot caught fire.

Not the first, won’t be the last until the anticipated regional war starts. The attack was reportedly shortly before midnight local time Damascus, Israel attacked the vicinity of the Mezzeh Military Airbase with a barrage of 7 missiles.

Reasons of the attack:

  • At the very same time the ‘Moderate Terrorists’ in Eastern Ghouta attacked at least 4 Syrian Arab Army military posts, shortly overran them and drew an instant response from the SAA restoring all the lost posts and eliminating the terrorists inside.
  • It also came immediately after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a group of people near a social club in upscale Kafr Sousseh residential district in the Syrian capital Damascus.
  • It is supposed to serve as a morale lift after the humiliating scene of terrified armed soldiers from the so-called IDF (Inter-regional Devil Forces) fleeing the site when a truck by unarmed young man hit their gathering near Jerusalem deleting 4 of them and traumatizing the rest into phobic zombies.
  • This attack against a Syrian Arab Military airport would also, in the views of the junta ruling Occupied Palestine, help in diverting the attention away from the recent scandals Netanyahu is being investigated about until Trump reaches his hands out to him. Trump already forgave Hillary Clinton after he promised his supporters to send her to jail.
  • Aiding al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria is considered for Israel a moral duty, al-Qaeda and all its derivatives (Nusra, FSA, Jabha Shamiyeh, Noureddin Zinki, and mainly ISIS..) is a twin to the so-called ‘State of Israel’, note how they need to use the word ‘State’ in their title: ISIS (Islamic State..) and Israel are both borderless entities of compiled terrorists and illegal settlers imported from all sides of the world to steal land from its real owners and create chaos in the region committing all types of horror under a religious banner!
  • The more the Syrian National Army is weakened the better for all these terror-based entities. They can survive for more time, commit more crimes and cause more damage both to Islam and Judaism, and collateral damage to Christianity and all the others.

The recent attack just before midnight resulted in the destruction of a weapons depot, we will see in the Zionist media now analysists claiming it was a convoy heading to Hizbullah coming from Iran to justify the attack. Well, as a fact, Hizb and SAA do not need to import any more weapons from Iran, they’re both manufacturing their requirements and replenishing their needs.

image-Mezzeh Military Airbase Attacked by Israel Raid
Shortly before midnight local time Damascus, Israel attacked the Mezzeh Military Airbase with a barrage of 7 missiles

This attack on a military airbase of a sovereign state whatever the justification is brought up will only add up to the previous crimes by the Zionists and their regional puppets. Syria usually retaliates by intelligence and does not need to brag about each respond, however, this would change very very soon, the Syrian Military spokesman message was very clear this time: ‘There will be repercussions for Israel for the “flagrant attack” on the military base’.

Meanwhile, the Russian base in Hmeimim serving only as a counting facility for breaches and attacks by the enemies of Syria, can’t warn the Syrian Arab Army of any of such attacks as it happens, like the crime committed by ISIS main airforce (aka US Airforce) against the SAA post in Der Ezzor killing 82 Syrian soldiers and allowing ISIS to take over the post until this date. Russia signed bilateral agreements with all the countries in the US led coalition operating in Syria and a special one treaty with Israel to inform each others about their operations in the country under attack from all sides.

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  1. michael

    Cant wait for your response. This criminal fascist apartheid regime is far beyond control, how about one dead israeli soldier for every missile they fired, this pack of cowards. Fuck them.

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