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Lebanese Hezb Allah Has 100,000 Lebanese Fighters Trained, and Ready

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Hezb Allah Chief Hezbollah has 100 thousand fighters

The Lebanese Hezb Allah has at least 100,000 fighters, armed, trained, ready, and experienced not only in fighting the most difficult wars but they’re also experienced in winning the unwinnable wars.

The number revealed for the first time by the chief of Hezb Allah Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah is at least 3 times the number analysts and observers have estimated, it’s also the calculations of ‘Hezbollah’ enemies in Israel, the USA, Saudis, ISIS, and Al Qaeda affiliates.

Hezb Allah chief added in a statement aired live on the Lebanese media that these fighters are only the Lebanese part of the Hezb, not counting other Lebanese supporters who are ready to fight on the side of the Hezb in the wake of any danger that threatens the country.

Sayyed Nasr Allah was addressing the latest massacre committed by the so-called LF armed militia run by the Saudi-sponsored Geagea last Thursday which killed 6 peaceful protesters and a lady sitting in her house in addition to over 60 injured, all by sniper fires from this same militia, Mr. Nasr Allah’s statement comes after the head of the LF militia threatened to start a civil war in Lebanon with his trained 15,000 armed mercenaries.

The revealing that Hezb Allah has 100,000 fighters ready to defend the country is to deter the LF armed militia and its head from thinking of starting a civil war based on wrong calculations, Sayyed Nasr Allah added and calling on the LF militia, its head, its allies, and on the Lebanese politicians, officials, and notables to stop any project to start such a civil war. The LF militia and its chief allied with ISIS when they occupied parts of eastern Lebanon before Hezb Allah and later the Lebanese Army eliminated them from there.

Israel might be the party that knows the power of Hezb Allah more than the others, certainly, though, they never imagined the number of Hezb Allah core fighters would reach 100,000 fighters, and those are only the Lebanese ones, and not counting the other resistance fighters from other Lebanese parties, not counting Hezb Allah allies in the region including the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Defense Forces, the PMU in Iraq, the Iranian Army and the Iranian IRGC, the Yemeni Armed Forces, in addition to the Palestinian resistance factions, and all are of the winning axis.

The project this LF armed militia is after since its inception was to help the Zionist and western project to uproot the Christians from the Levant, the ‘Jewish state’ Israel is working to achieve an apartheid ideological sectarian entity that can only exist in a region of similar entities, it can never continue where it’s surrounded by secular states like Syria and to some extent Lebanon, secularism is contagious, we wonder how the Christians in the west continue to support such a criminal project in our region.

Maybe this statement by the chief of Hezb Allah of one side of its capabilities would also convince the European Israeli settlers to return to their home countries in order for the Palestinians to return to their homeland without a fight.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    “we wonder how the Christians in the west continue to support such a criminal project in our region”
    Various websites, no matter what they may say, are fronts for various intelligence agencies with various agendas; most serve the interests of the nations that sponsor them, not the US though, the US is a slave colony for other nations, plus a harvest zone for body parts. Some, though are fronts for the various interests of the religions they represent; while others aren’t because their religions are under the total control of other religious groups.
    So, the statement, had it been rephrased as a question would have been just rhetorical; right? Not like I haven’t noticed what appears to be an invasion of brain eating worms inside of most of those I meet daily. Life is too short to leave anything to chance. Surely you don’t think that it was Catholics who committed the Spanish Inquisition; do you? Or the Germans that did the Jewish Holocaust; do you? So, there’s nothing to wonder about, the answer is clear.

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