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Iraqi Security Arrests Two Biggest Drug Dealers on the Borders with Syria

Iraqi intelligence arrest two of the biggest drug traffickers on the borders with Syria

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced that two of the biggest drug dealers were arrested on the border with Syria with large quantities of narcotic pills with them.

The ministry said in a post on its Facebook page that the operation that led to the arrest of the two drug dealers was carried out in the Al-Qaim district after receiving ‘accurate intelligence information’ without mentioning the source of the information.

‘Based on accurate intelligence information stating that a large number of narcotic pills were brought into Al-Qaim district from Syria, a work team was formed from the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency after obtaining judicial approvals and heading to Al-Qaim district and setting up an elaborate ambush.’ the ministry said in its post.

The ministry added: ‘The detachment was able to arrest two suspects in flagrante delicto, the two are of the largest drug dealers, in possession of (93) thousand narcotic pills, equivalent to about (17) kilograms of narcotic substances. Legal measures were taken against them and their arrest.’

Drug trafficking across the borders between Syria and Iraq became prosperous after the US-sponsored terrorist groups on both sides of the borders, it was one of the main tools to help the CIA and its British MI6 aide along with the Mossad and other terrorists-manufacturing agencies to help recruit the youth in the ranks of the armed groups it formed and teach them the ‘art of savagery which enabled them to kill and commit heinous crimes in cold blood against the Syrian and Iraqi people and with no signs of remorse.

Syria has suffered the most from the drugs trafficking sponsored by the host of countries that vowed to destroy the last secular country in the region, terrorist groups like the FSA encouraged its fighters to produce drugs using the flow of billions of dollars from Saudi and Qatar and from western ‘intelligence’ agencies. Prior to the US-led war of terror waged against Syria 10.5 years ago, Syria was ranking among the top countries in the world in combatting drug production and trafficking across its borders, Syria introduced capital punishment for drug traffickers realizing the danger of these substances.

Saudi Prince of Captagon Abdulmuhsin Al Saud أمير الكبتاجون عبد المحسن بن وليد ال سعود
Saudi Prince of Captagon Abdulmuhsin Al Saud arrested in Lebanon on his private jet loaded with drugs أمير الكبتاجون عبد المحسن بن وليد ال سعود

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  1. Roy A Booher

    As though Syria didn’t have enough problems, candy men, trying to get the kids hooked on pretty little colorful pills wrapped like candy and put in their school boxes. The US caught two big drug dealers here; one was a Mexican national, they gave him life in an underground jail cell, the other was a white Israeli national, they gave him a three year suspended sentence and sent him back to Israel to work on his suntan.


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