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Kurdish SDF Commander Killed in Deir Ezzor Countryside

Kurdish SDF separatist armed militia - Syria

A commander of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militia was shot dead in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, local sources reported.

The SDF commander was not named by the source, however, they did add that the killing was by gunshots in the town of Sweidan Jazira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, northeast Syria, by unknown armed men on a motorbike.

The separatist Kurds have created a wide range of enemies and haters due to a long list of crimes that includes training from foreign military sources, an ambush and massacre of unarmed Syrian security forces in Qamishli, their attempts to ethnically cleanse Syrian Arabs from the parts of Syria these separatists have under control, thanks to criminal invaders and occupiers. Their separatist agenda handed to them by foreign sources is vehemently rejected by Syrians currently under their occupation.

Even the SDF name is snake oil salesmanship demanded by the United States that didn’t want to remove the YPG from its terrorist list. “Democratic” means the majority of the people decide, a small ethnic group too stupid to see it’s used as cannon fodder, doesn’t get to decide, isn’t supposed to have fake rule over the majority.

The US demanded the separatist armed Kurds change their name.

Furthermore, the assassinations of notables of the tribes in the mostly tribal region of the countryside of Deir Ezzor, Hasakah, and Raqqa provinces made the powerful tribesmen protest the existence of these militias in their territories.

The introducing of Israelis into the region to cooperate with them in stealing Syrian oil under the US protection, the burning of wheat fields of Syrian farmers, and the kidnapping of young men to use them as cannon fodders in their fights against everybody else, and the latest of cutting the electricity off of Syrian villages under Turkish occupation which resulted by the Turkish madman Erdogan commit a new war crime and cutting the water off 1 million Syrian human beings in Hasakah province for 3 weeks; all added to the enmity the Kurds created for themselves among the communities that hosted their grandfathers when they sought refuge in Syria over a century ago.

Turkish-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists of Al Qaeda and its derivatives like Nusra Front, ISIS, are also not friendly with the SDF and its affiliates: PKK, PYD, YPG, Asayish, and whatever names they have, despite the close relations they have through NATO’s players in the region.

The attacks against the separatist Kurds are intensifying, the Kurds can only blame themselves for not alienating those commanders who came to Syria from the Qandil mountains, northern Iraq, to create these separatist groups with the help of Israel and the USA. These attacks will continue.

UPDATE: Four SDF militiamen reported killed in Al Hasakah.

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