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A Syrian Farmer Killed and Fifteen Others Injured in a Landmine Explosion

Landmine explosion kills civilians in Syria - انفجار لغم أرضي يقتل مدنيين في سورية

A Syrian farmer was killed and fifteen others were injured in a landmine that exploded in them in Hama province.

The farmers returned to their field in the village of Hamra, northeastern Hama countryside, central Syria, to resume farming when one of them stepped on the landmine and lost his life.

Health sources in the city of Hama confirmed the death of the farmer and added that the injuries are between medium to severe. Injuries from landmines explosions mean a lost limb or more, usually. This adds 15 more families devasted to the toll of the US-led War of Terror waged on Syria.

Hamra village is in the region that was cleaned from the US-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ who made sure their work keep harvesting lives and destroy families long after they’re defeated and moved to other areas to infest.

Syrian armed forces, especially the Engineering Units in the Syrian Arab Army, and volunteers from other countries are working hard and around the clock to clear the newly liberated areas from landmines and explosives that the terrorists were ‘creative’ in designing to hide the nature of the explosives in useful tools, also in the shape of toys targeting the Syrian children. Almost every house in eastern Aleppo was booby-trapped with explosives by the terrorists before they were defeated and had to flee from the area.

A week ago, on the 23rd of this month, two other civilians were injured from a landmine also planted in the farmland of the town of Karnaz, northwest of Hama.

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