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Israel, the US Army, ISIS, and Al Qaeda Bomb Syria in 24 Hours

US Army illegally operating in Syria to steal Syrian oil - file photo

The unholy ‘defensive’ alliance of the US-led war criminals and terrorists all bombed Syria on four different fronts within the same day, ISIS ambushed a Syrian Arab Army column in the Syrian desert, Al Qaeda fired many drones against the Syrian Arab Army in the northwestern region, Israel bombs Syrian Arab Army posts in the southern region, and the US Army bombs Syrian Arab Army posts in Deir Ezzor in the northeast.

At first, it was the ambush at dawn by the US-created, funded, trained, armed, and commanded ISIS terrorists to the north of the Syrian desert city of Al Sukhna murdering 21 soldiers and injuring 7 others. The heinous terrorist attack was definitely supervised by the US Army who remnants of ISIS terrorists feel safe to operate out of the vicinity of the US illegal military bases in the country.

This ISIS terrorist attack was followed a couple of hours later by a swarm of kamikaze armed booby-trapped drones fired by the US-led NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists, a so-called Fatah Mubin group loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan, against the towns, villages, and Syrian Arab Army (SAA) posts in the Latakia northern countryside.

The SAA units in the region managed to shoot down the incoming drones foiling its terrorist attack.

NATO Al Qaeda drones shot down by the Syrian Arab Army in Latakia
Some of the NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda drones shot down by SAA

If that was not enough, the British-created US-led Western-sponsored Israel bombed posts in the Sweida province in the southern region.

A statement by a Syrian military spokesperson conveyed by SANA read:

“At approximately 10:50 pm today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of Baalbek in Lebanon, targeting some military points in the southern region,” adding: “The aggression led to some material losses.”

Local sources told Syria News that the Israeli aggression targeted a Syrian Arab Army air defense battery in the countryside of Sweida province in the south of the country.

The US-led Axis of Evil, Terrorism, Genocide, and Depravity concluded its coordinated war of terrorism against Syria by the leading force in this axis, the US Army bombing SAA posts on the outskirts of the city of Deir Ezzor, and the outskirts of Deir Ezzor Military Airport in the northeastern province.

The Pentagon’s USCENTCOM had the audacity to issue a statement claiming responsibility for its terrorist bombing in Syria, claiming they attacked a facility used by the Iranian IRGC boogyman they usually use to justify their war crimes in Syria and Iraq, and that their terrorist attack is to ‘defend their people’ in our country!

US Army US CENTCOM Pentagon Biden Trump Obama Military Statement bombing Syria
Statement by the US-CENTCOM admitting their war crime in Syria

The US Army in Syria is illegally deployed without the concession of the Syrian government which rightly calls the US military presence in the country as an occupation force. The US Army breaches Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity without a mandate of the United Nations Security Council thus exposing its double face when it mobilized dozens of countries to support the junta in Kiev against the Russian Army which entered the eastern and southern Ukrainian provinces to protect the majority of the people there of Russian origins oppressed by NAZI armed groups and the part of the Ukrainian Army loyal to the Globalists under the narrative it stands for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the aggressor.

Occupying forces whether the US Army or Israel which occupies the Syrian Golan have no right to self-defense as per International Law, they only enjoy the right of getting bombed until they leave the land they occupy.

We anticipate proper retaliation against the illegal US Army bases in Syria after these coordinated terrorist attacks, the Syrian Resistance has set the rule earlier to bomb the US force in the country each time Israel bombs Syria, and since the US Army admitted to also carrying out bombing of posts within Syria, they have to expect to be bombed more intensively now.

Watch the US commander-in-chief and a Pentagon official stating the tasks assigned to the US Army illegally deployed in Syria:

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