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US-led Coalition Combats ISIS in Syria but Commands its Groups!

US-sponsored ISIS affiliate Qaryateen Brigade terrorists in Syrian desert - Homs - مقاتلين من فرقة لواء القريتيني التابع لداعش في البادية السورية

The US-led coalition operating illegally in Syria has appointed a new head for a so-called Maghawir Thawra, an ISIS affiliate it commands from its illegal base in the Syrian Al Tanf region.

Muhammad Fareed Qassim is the new commander of the US-sponsored Maghawir Thawra terrorist group replacing Muhannad Tallae with an order of the US-led Coalition, multiple sources have confirmed.

The new commander was the head of a small terrorist group calling itself Qaryateen Brigade of merely 80 terrorists in its ranks, the group had some arguments with the US army over its operations against the Syrian people and the Syrian army in the Syrian desert region without coordinating with its US army handlers.

Back in 2017, the US-led coalition claimed that it stopped supporting Qaryateen Brigade, this (ISIS offshoot) group, but only after beefing it up with its needs of killing tools and ability to operate independently, a move some analysts saw as a method used by the US army to distance itself from the horrendous crimes committed by this terrorist group.

Reports about the whereabouts of Muhannad Tallae, the former commander of the so-called Maghawir Thawra are not certain, some reports claim he headed to Iraq on a logistical mission to coordinate with the Iraqis the opening of a new illegal border crossing between Syrian and Iraq, other reports claim Tallae headed to Turkey without clarifying the reason.

The fact that the same coalition is appointing this group’s head as the commander of the larger Maghawir Thawra group is clear evidence that the US-led coalition was lying back in 2017 as it is lying about its main mission in combating ISIS in Syria.

ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the terrorist organization has only grown under the protection of this coalition, received enormous funding, weapons, munition, and logistical support, and its affiliated groups received training from their US Army patrons, they even carried out military drills together!

The US-led coalition in Syria operates an illegal mission without any mandate from the United Nations Security Council, and without the consent of the Syrian government; in a matter of fact, the Syrian government condemns the coalition’s very existence on Syrian soil calling it illegal occupation forces and demanding its unconditional immediate withdrawal.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The USA creates terrorists then they go to fight those terrorists and they always fail in doing so, that’s why their combating terrorism takes decades instead of days.


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