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Israel Bombs Damascus for the 2nd Time in Less than 24 Hours

Israel bombs Damascus countryside from over the Golan

Israel bombed a post in Damascus countryside, the second Israeli bombing of the Syrian capital and its countryside within the past 24 hours, the 4th time it bombs Syria within the past 40 days, it supported all al Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliates for the past 12 years, if this is a direct and proxy terrorist war, there’s no other definition to these terrorist attacks.

For the second time within the past 24 hours, Israel bombs the Syrian Capital Damascus from over the occupied Syrian Golan.

A military spokesperson from the Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At exactly twelve o’clock and 17 minutes in the morning today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting a site in the countryside of Damascus.”

There were no casualties, as per the Syrian military spokesperson from this latest aggression which only resulted in material damage without specifying what kind of material damage and without elaborating on the nature of the targeted post: ‘our air defenses intercepted the aggression’s missiles and shot down a number of them, and the aggression led to some material losses.’

Israel bombs Damascus countryside from over the Golan

Israel, like its main protector the USA is panicking

Why the escalation in the terrorist attacks against Syria? Some analysts believe it’s a diversion of Israel’s own existential internal struggle between the different herds of settlers similar to the continuous infighting between the different terrorist groups in Syria, especially as the different struggles are surfacing in the wake of the ‘judicial’ changes initiated by the regime of Netanyahu and his fanatics.

Other Syrian analysts draw attention to the humiliating failure of the combined US-led NATO in Ukraine with the looming fall of Bakhmut which will deliver a severe blow to the entire fake narrative painted by the politicians and media of the ‘collective west’ that Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing, the reality will strip them of the justification to continue pumping weapons and money to a lost cause.

With the increased isolation of the already fading US empire, politically, militarily, and most importantly, economically as the US Dollar loses its petrodollar dominance, some analysts point to the escalation by NATO forces, the armies of NATO member states, and their sponsored terrorist groups, across the globe, looking to start more wars and conflicts, and after the rise of Russia and China as peace brokers and their leading of the quest to establish a multipolar world over the dead body of the US hegemonic unipolar world.

These acts of escalation and starting new conflicts are out of desperation, the analysts explain.

In the case of the anti-Jewish antisemitic Zionist entity dubbed Israel, the matter is existential, the US army cannon fodders in West Asia are becoming hunted down as the sitting ducks they’re positioned by their commanders, and the evergrowing hostile environment surrounding them in their illegal bases in the region, Israel will be exposed to fight its own last war and lose it without the cover its sponsors can provide.

Israel and ISIS relationship flaunted when Netanyahu entered Golan to meet and greet terrorists who received free trauma care.
Israeli Netanyahu visits his ISIS soldier receiving state of art medical care at IDF facility on occupied Golan, February 2014

The set rule by the Syrian Resistance is that each time Israel bombs Syria, the Syrian Resistance will bomb the illegal US Army bases in Syria in retaliation, now there are 2 bombings unsettled and the US Army oil thieves should be reciting their last prayers anticipating the incoming missiles, to whatever God they worship, obviously not the same God that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship.

What is Syria’s response?

So far, the Syrian leadership has taken the patient approach while it rebuilds its army’s capabilities which were greatly affected by the long 12 years of US-led war of terrorism and war of attrition as long as Israel does not cross the red lines. Every Israeli aggression is added to the list of retaliation the Syrian Arab Army and its allies will respond to in due time.

In addition to rebuilding the army’s capabilities, Syria is denying Israel and its western sponsors the chance to engage the region in the war they need to escape their coming strategic defeat and the drainage of its financial resources. Why waste resources and fight back when the enemy is biting and injuring itself badly?

At the same time, the Syrian army is learning more about Israel’s capabilities, each Israeli aggression leaves too much information which gets analyzed and plans are adjusted accordingly for the response when needed.

Some unofficial sources said that during this aerial aggression, Israel’s fighter jets abruptly abandoned their bombing mission and flew very low over the depth of northern Palestine after the Syrian air defense radars locked in on them. A new radar in the possession of the Syrian air defense units which Israel is not informed about in the framework of the weird agreement it has with Russia to ‘coordinate their actions over Syria’s skies’? Could be.

Syria might be developing with Iran a new system based on the Iranian Som Kherdad air defense system and this system will cover the entirety of Israel’s skies without the need to fly any fighter jet to target any flying object as it will engage it the moment it takes off from any base in occupied Palestine – Israel.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Their stay in our region is long overdue.. they must go back to their home countries, all of them including those who came from Europe and the former Soviet republics, it’s not our problem if they don’t want them there.


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