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Israel Bombs and Destroys Damascus International Airport, Again!

Israel Bombing Destroys Damascus International Airport - اسرائيل تقصف مطار دمشق الدولي وتخرجه عن الخدمة

Israel bombed Damascus International Airport taking it out of service for the second time in seven months, Israel’s repeated bombing of the country’s main commercial airport causing minor damages has not stopped, taking it out of service is another level of war crimes.

The people of Damascus were awakened at 2 am by sounds of loud explosions coming from the southeast of their city, it was their main commercial civilian international airport that was bombed.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 2:00 in the morning of this day, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with barrages of missiles from the direction northeast of Lake Tiberias, targeting Damascus International Airport and its surroundings.”

The military spokesperson in his statement confirmed the destruction of the airport and the murder of two Syrian Army Army soldiers:

“As a result, two soldiers were killed, two others were injured, some material losses occurred, and Damascus International Airport was rendered out of service.”

This is not the first time Israel bombs a civilian airport in Syria, it’s part of the overall strategy of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance in destroying the last secular country in the region, this strategy is executed by the armies of NATO member states, the USA, Turkey, the UK, France, and others, and by non-member allies of NATO like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and others.

Meanwhile, Russia, Syria’s main ally in combating terrorism and the permanent member state of the United Nations Security Council weighs in its favorable relations with Israel over its commitment toward Syria being the main seller of the Syrian Army’s weaponry but holding back the dated S300 air defense systems while offering and actually selling the more advanced S400 air defense systems to countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others.

And, at the same time, Russia does not seems to be serious about upholding its duties within the United Nations Security Council by taking measures against the aggressor, Israel in this case. We do not see any political, economic, or even diplomatic pressure exerted by the Russian Federation against Israel, on the contrary, both parties maintain high-level relations including a close friendship between Mr. Putin and Netanyahu, the only person who the Israelis keep ‘electing’ in their so-called ‘only democracy’ in the region, a person accused of several corruption charges even by the standards of Israel!

One day, the Russian leadership would realize that Zio-Nazi Israel for Syria and for the world is like the Nazi-Zionist Ukraine Zelensky’s for Russia on its borders, the same sponsors, the same strategies, the same war crimes, derived from the same ideology.

Israel deliberately targets Syrian infrastructure to help the USA exert pressure on the Syrian government to accept being submitted to the US hegemony like the European Union member states, Turkey, Egypt, and the Gulfies.

The fact that Syria is not giving up and has, instead, successfully managed to halt the series of the US-sponsored regime changes under the guise of color revolutions including the Arab Spring is still puzzling the decision-makers in the USA, not the representatives of the Congress nor the administration elected by the US people, the real decision making powers in the country who would assassinate a sitting US president dare he deviates from their outlined instructions.

This does not absolve the American people of their direct responsibility for the crimes committed by American officials worldwide. The American people re-elect these officials every time and do not even attempt to hold accountable these criminals who committed their crimes in the name of the American people who elected them and with the money of the American taxpayers.

The targeting of an operational commercial international airport is a war crime with no justification, the USA, its EU lackeys, and their allies do not seem to oppose this war crime while crying out loud about Russia degrading Ukraine’s electric grid.

Today’s Israel bombing and destruction of Damascus International Airport is also a chance for the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan to prove his sincerity in his desperate rapprochement efforts toward Syria, will Erdogan condemn this war crime, as he ought to do morally, and to prove his good intentions, or he will keep silent while enhancing his ever closer relations with Israel just 4 days ago accepting the credentials of a newly appointed Israeli representative in Ankara and a few days earlier, welcoming a large Israeli trade delegation to his country.

The Syrian retaliation for these repeated war crimes of Israel and its western sponsors will come, asymmetrical with global effects, similar to how Syria’s response to the US and UK invasion of Iraq and threatening Syria was by supporting the Iraqi resistance foiling the US policies in Iraq; and the weakening of the US-led empire of evil and destruction in retaliation to the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people rendering the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance incapable of waging more wars of aggression around the world and giving its rival countries chance to build up their defensive powers, namely Russia, China, and Iran.

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