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Biden Forces Massacre 10 Syrian Oil Workers in Deir Ezzor

US Biden forces ISIS terrorists massacre Syrian oil workers in Deir Ezzor

Forces loyal to the senile US President Joseph Biden massacred ten Syrian workers in the al-Taym oil field in the northern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor in a terrorist attack, the attack left two more workers injured, and two others are missing.

An official in the Al Furat Oil Company said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA describing the heinous massacre:

“The terrorist attack took place at around 7:45 am, 2 kilometers before the Al-Taym field junction, and targeted 3 buses, which are a pick-up, a service car, and a bus to transport workers on their way to work, which led to the death of 10 workers and the injury of 2 others.”

The Al Furat official noted in his statement that the terrorists took advantage of the dense fog in the area to carry out their heinous massacre.

Syria officially accuses the United States of America:

The Syrian Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Eng. Bassam Tohme said in a phone call to Syria Main TV channel:

“The Syrian people are suffering from an oil crisis, and the American occupation, through its terrorist tools and groups, wants to cut off the available oil part that secures the minimum needs of the Syrian people. Therefore, they carried out this blatant attack on the cars of changing the shifts of workers in the al-Taym oil field.”

Local sources identified the victims:

Martyrs: Nidal Nawiji, Hamad Al-Issa, Engineer Omar Farouk, Mohammed AlHamadi, Amer Al-Obaid, Hussein Hannan, Mohammed Hamada, Ammar Amin, and Hisham Hussein.

Injured: Hamidi Jumaa, and Nidal Al Jassim.

Missing: Musa Al-Wazal, and Salkhad Jalloud.

Syrian law enforcement in the province of Deir Ezzor with the help of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were immediately deployed to the crime scene and started a wide-scale combing operation in search of the terrorists and evidence that would lead to the criminals.

No party claimed responsibility for this heinous massacre by the time of this report, however, there’s an overall consensus among analysts that this massacre carries the fingerprints of ISIS, the Al Qaeda offshoot terrorist organization created by the regime of Barak Obama when the incumbent senile Biden was his deputy and which former US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a leaked audio recording that ‘the USA wanted ISIS to pressure the government of President Assad in Damascus to give concessions to the USA before President Assad brought in the Russians and spoiled the US’s plan.’

The USA is depriving the Syrian people of their own oil:

The value of oil stolen by the US Army and the destruction caused to the country’s oil infrastructure caused by the US-led coalition forces comprising NATO and their proxy plethora of terrorist groups including Al Qaeda over 112 Billion US dollars:
25.9 Billion US dollars the direct cost of the stolen oil, gas, and other minerals,
3.2 billion US dollars is the cost of plundered and vandalized Syrian oil facilities and machinery,
2.9 Billion US dollars worth of oil and gas infrastructure that was bombed by the US-led coalition to support ISIS in Syria.

US Army Steals an Additional 95 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil

ISIS terrorists operate freely wherever the US or other NATO forces are within reach, there has not been a single incident where ISIS terrorists or any Al Qaeda group attacked any US or Turkish army post, the USA claimed it killed and captured ISIS leaders in areas where the Turkish army occupies in northern Syria.

Furthermore, there has been an endless number of reports of the US Army dropping weapons, military gear, and food to areas occupied by ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert, when caught, the Pentagon would claim it was dropped by accident! Not to mention the hundreds of brand new machinegun-mounted 4 x 4 Toyota pickups which somehow reached the areas occupied by ISIS crossing several borders of NATO and NATO-affiliated countries to reach Syria’s open desert bordering both Iraq and Jordan.

The US Army illegally occupying the Syrian Al Tanf region in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert carried out military drills with an ISIS-affiliated group, the so-called Maghawir Thawra. Several terrorist attacks were carried out by ISIS terrorists against the Syrian people in the southern provinces of Sweida, Daraa, and Quneitra including the horrible massacre of the 25th of July, 2018 in which ISIS terrorists operating out of the Al Tanf area, which is protected by the US Army, slaughtered 215 villagers in Sweida countryside, injured an additional 180 and kidnapped 27 women and children.

Continuous terrorist attacks on buses and passenger vehicles in the eastern countryside of Homs provoked the Syrian Arab Army and its allies to carry out several wide-scale combing missions in the deserts flushing out dens of ISIS, the terrorists would flee each time to the area protected by the US Army in Al Tanf.

Today’s massacre is a repeat of a similar massacre carried out by ISIS terrorists one year ago, in December 2021, the US-sponsored terrorists massacred 10 of the Al Kharatta oil field workers in Deir Ezzor’s southwestern countryside.

The US Taxpayers and all US voting citizens, similarly, the European Union voting citizens are all accomplices in these crimes against the Syrian people, they vote their politicians to power; their politicians use their tax money to fund, their men to invade and destroy, and their weapons to arm terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere around the world; their politicians are never held accountable for their crimes against other people by those western citizens.

Syria has never invaded, funded, or was involved in any harm done to any western country, although it’s entitled to do so after decades of those countries invading and occupying Syria, carving out Syrian lands and handing it to other countries and to settlers expelled from Europe and Central Asia, waging wars of terrorism and attrition against Syria, and sponsoring terrorist groups in Syria.

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