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Syrian, Russian, and Turkish Ministers of Defense Meet in Moscow

Syrian Minister of Defense Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas meets in Moscow Turkish minister Hulusi Akar

The ministers of defense in Syria and Turkey met for the first time in over a decade in Moscow with the presence of the Russian minister of defense and after concerted Russian efforts to achieve a tripartite summit between President Assad with the Turkish madman Erdogan and President Putin.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense carried by the Syrian news agency SANA confirmed the meeting:

“Today, a meeting took place between the Syrian Minister of Defense and the Major General, Director of the Syrian General Intelligence Department, with their counterparts, the Turkish Minister of Defense and the head of the Turkish Intelligence Service, in the Russian capital, Moscow, with the participation of the Russian side. The two sides discussed many files, and the meeting was positive.”

Another statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense read:

“On December 28th, A tripartite session of talks was held in Moscow Tuesday among defense Ministers of Syria, Russia, and Turkey, and the talks dealt with efforts of fighting terrorism, the situation in Syria, and the issue of refugees.”

The Russian statement added: “Following the meeting, the Ministers referred to the constructive nature of the dialogue, stressing the importance of continuing it in order to increase stable situation in Syria and the region.

Today’s meeting joined the Syrian minister of defense with his Turkish counterpart for the first time since the NATO war of terrorism against Syria officially started in March 2011 and continues through this day with Turkey acting as the main launchpad of this hybrid war being the largest neighbor of Syria who also shares the longest borders with it.

There have been numerous meetings at the levels of heads of intelligence between Syria and Turkey in preparation for a tripartite summit which the Turkish madman Erdogan is desperate for, before the coming Turkish presidential elections in which the refugees crisis in Turkey is the main card pressuring the Turkish economy, the Turkish madman Erdogan will use a meeting with the Syrian President claiming to be interested in solving this issue no matter what the results of such a meeting would be.

This is also in line with President Putin’s efforts to shore up his presumed friend, the Turkish madman Erdogan, thinking he can still trust the most hypocritical of all NATO leaders who never wastes an opportunity to play against Russia whether in security, military, economically, or even to break the Russian diverse community by sponsoring anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood elements within the Russian Central Asian republics.

Mr. Putin will do whatever within his capacity to achieve the tripartite summit including President Assad and the Turkish madman Erdogan to help the Turkish madman in the upcoming elections even if that would be on the account of Syria, all previous Russian interventions to freeze the Syrian crisis were on the account of the Syrian Army’s advances especially in the northern regions giving time to the Turkish madman Erdogan to beef up his terrorist groups of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliates after obliging in signed agreements to dismantle these terrorist groups.

When asked in March 2020 by a Russia 24 interviewer about establishing communications with Turkey, President Assad stressed the importance of having good relations with the neighboring Turkish nation:

Our shared objective with the Russians was to move Turkey away from supporting terrorists and bring it back to its natural place. For Syria, and for you also, Turkey is a neighboring country. It is natural to have sound relations with a neighboring country; it is unnatural under any pretext or circumstance to have bad relations. So, as to your question, is it possible? Of course, it is, but we can’t achieve this outcome while Erdogan continues to support the terrorists. He has to stop supporting terrorism, at which point things can return to normal because there is no hostility between the two people. The hostility is caused by political actions or policies based on vested interests. On the level of the Syrian nation and the Turkish nation, there are neither differences nor conflicts of interest. So, yes, these relations should return to normal.

President Assad has not ruled out a meeting with the Turkish madman Erdogan when asked about that in November 2019 by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel, although he said he would be disgusted to conduct such a meeting:

“If you are asking me how would I feel if I, personally, had to shake hands with a person from the Erdogan group, or someone of similar leanings or who represents his ideology – I would not be honored by such a meeting and I would feel disgusted. But we have to put our personal feelings aside when there is a national interest at stake. If a meeting would achieve results, I would say that everything done in the national interest should be done.”

To this date, the Turkish madman Erdogan has failed to implement any of his obligations in the Idlib and Astana Agreements he signed which included ceasing the support to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the plethora of terrorist groups in northern Syria, on the contrary, he escalated his war crimes against the Syrian people in those regions, yet Mr. Putin believes he can trust the Turkish madman Erdogan, not even the latest revelation of the former German Chancellor Merkel on how NATO member states were never serious about implementing the Minsk agreements in regard to Ukraine, does he think NATO member states would implement any current or future agreements about Syria?

Both countries, Syria and Turkey, consider the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists as a terrorist group posing a security danger of the highest level to all the countries of the region, however, Syria considers Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), and its affiliates as terrorist groups, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan do not consider them as terrorist groups, on the contrary, it considers them moderate opposition and insists they play leading roles in Syria’s future. Russia, so far, seems to have agreed with Turkey on disagreeing on this point while working on other matters of mutual interest between them.

It’s not clear what Erdogan’s minister of war offered the Syrian Minister of Defense in the meeting, the statements are vague as expected from such meetings, the bigger winner of such meetings would be the Turkish madman Erdogan while his troops continue to occupy parts of Syria, continues to support terrorist groups in Syria, and continues his war crimes against the Syrian people, the conditions set by the Syrian leadership to resolve before the tripartite summit.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The Syrian leadership must be very vigilant with this Turkish approach, previous Russian and Iranian guarantees of Turkish compliance with signed agreements proved useless, you’ve correctly pointed out that Russians should have learned by now not to trust NATO leaders, imagine Erdogan is not only a NATO leader, he’s a Zionist faithful stooge, a hypocrite, a Muslim Brotherhood, what else can be there to indicate not to trust this horrific being?!


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