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Turkish Lira Continues its Sliding in Value Thanks to Erdogan’s Failed Policies

Erdogan Turkish dictator economy is collapsing

The Turkish Lira reached a new record low in exchange price to the US dollar reaching 9.22 Liras for one US dollar, a continuous slide down especially in the past 30 days after the Turkish madman Erdogan fired 3 monetary policymakers at the Turkish Central Bank.

Prior to the US-led war of terror against Syria using the Turkish madman Erdogan as the main proxy in this heinous 10.5 year long crimes, the Turkish Lira was doing fairly good and closed the year 2010 at 1.54 Liras for 1 US dollar, this amounts to a loss of almost 6 times in a decade, a hefty price the Turkish economy paid for the dreams of a lunatic who was promised to be appointed as a neo-Ottoman Sultan on the account of the people of the region, and the other Muslim majority countries.

It is worth noting that during the past decade, there was no foreign invasion threatening Turkey, there was no serious terrorist threat, there was no economic siege or blockade imposed on Turkey, there were no sanctions imposed on the Turkish businesses and the Turkish banking system, and there were no speculations by heavy-weight economies against the Turkish currency, in the matter of fact, all the above were committed by the Turkish regime against the Syrian people with the help of its partners in the century’s crimes against humanity in Syria and in Iraq.

In addition to all the above, terrorist groups working for the Turkish madman Erdogan and his family’s businesses with the help of the Turkish mafia stole most of the Syrian factories and their machinery, burned down entire industrial cities like what they did to the Sheikh Najjar Industrial City in Aleppo, they stole oil machinery, and established ‘live oil pipeline‘, the term the Russian President Putin described hundreds of oil tankers smuggling stolen Syrian oil from Syria into Turkey through the official borders manned by the Turkish regime on the Turkish side and by an Al Qaeda affiliate on the Syrian side.

The Turkish regime of Erdogan also extorted billions of Euros and US dollars from the European Union threatening to flood the EU bloc with hundreds of thousands of refugees, 20% of who were displaced from their homes in Syria and the rest from other countries where the Turkish regime was active with the help of other NATO member states and the Saudi and Qatari funding and Wahhabi religion, all the way from the Western Xinjiang province in China recruiting radicalized Uighur, from Indonesia, and from the central Asian countries, using the men as his warriors and the families to settle in buffer zones loyal to him in northern Syria after uprooting the Syrian families from there.

Sultan wannabe Erdogan also sold some of his country’s strategic assets to Qatar to fund his wars abroad, the Turkish ordinary citizens became poorer, the services deteriorated in most of the regions of his country, a repeat of what his Ottoman ancestors did by propping up Istanbul and a couple of major cities in the west of Turkey on the account of the rest of the Ottoman Empire.

The Muslim Brotherhood radical organization whose political leader is Erdogan managed to install puppet regimes in a number of countries most notably Egypt, Tunisia, western Libya, and Morocco and tried to establish his ruling in Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, and northern Lebanon, and when reaching Syria he failed to achieve the mission George W. Bush tasked him with and thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people, the Syrian Army, and most importantly the Syrian leadership, then the support by the allies which started coming later to Syria, the domino effect reversed all of Erdogan’s achievements starting with Egypt, followed by the failure to take over the rest of Libya, losing Sudan, then losing Morocco, and lastly losing Tunisia. Erdogan is still trying with Afghanistan and Yemen but the tide is not going in his favor in both countries.

Failing in Syria and the domino effect reversing his achievements in the other countries had its repercussions on the Turkish economy, it is obvious that whatever policies Erdogan is following to save his country’s economy, firing central bank governors, firing top aides, turning against all his former friends, and jailing tens of thousands of people who do not agree with his policies, the only solution to help the Turkish economy is by Erdogan to finish his political life and better to retire in prison for the rest of his miserable life in order for the world to regain trust in the Turkish judicial system which the dictator Erdogan devastated with his control over it.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Excellent use of the featured image, wish the Turkish people would see their leader in his reality shown here and where he led them to when they kept re-electing him and giving him more power to become an absolute dictator while backstabbing his own friends before others.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    Will the Turkish people wake up? I don’t think so. They only protested against Erdogan when he wanted to remove a tree from one street, they like him because he’s a killer..


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