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Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport and Other Sites Killing 5 Soldiers

Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport - war crime

Israel bombed Damascus International Airport once again in the dense of the night, the Israeli missiles bombed other targets to the south of the Syrian capital killing five Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

A Syrian military spokesperson gave a very brief statement to the Syrian news agency Sana:

At about 12:45 a.m. today, Saturday 17 September 2022, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with bursts of missiles from the northeastern direction of Lake Tiberias, targeting Damascus International Airport and some points south of the city of Damascus. Our air defenses confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down most of them.

The statement by the military spokesperson concluded: Five soldiers were killed and some material losses were caused.”

The military statement did not report on the damages of the Israeli aggression on the airport or the sites targeted. Teams from Syria’s Civil Aviation, Damascus International Airport Authority, the firefighting department, and ministries of transportation, interior, and defense are already on site in the commercial airport to assess the damage.

Locals in Damascus reported hearing at least two very loud sounds of explosions coming from the direction of the southeast of the city, the direction of the airport.

This is the second time Israel bombs Damascus International Airport in 3 months only. It has bombed the commercial airport before, and today’s early dawn bombing comes in about two weeks after bombing Aleppo International Airport on 6 September, and on the 31st of August.

Bombing commercial airports, seaports, and other civilian infrastructure in operation serving civilians is a war crime black and white as defined by International Law, International Humanitarian Law, and the Geneva Conventions. However, retaliating in kind will not be a violation of any law, especially since Israel’s army and Mossad assassination teams constantly use all their civilian ports for their movement and the transportation of their weapons and other military equipment.

Israel can commit its war crimes with impunity no thanks to the absolute political, military, diplomatic, and economic cover it receives from the NATO-controlled United Nations Security Council, and the blanket cover it enjoys from the consecutive US regimes to the last US soldier and to the last penny in the pockets of the US taxpayers.

Syrian observers, including this author, are wondering whether Russia would take any step in its capacity as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, or based on its very close relationship with Israel to stop the Israeli war crimes against the Syrian people.

Syrians are not asking Russia to sever its ties with Israel, we know it’s incapable of doing that, Russia can at least cancel its agreement with Israel to “coordinate their military warplanes movement over Syria” on the military side, and reduce the diplomatic ties with the Antichrist Zionist state to a Consul level, at least, in a show of protest, taking in consideration its repetitive calls on Israel to stop these particular war crimes on Syria ignored by the Israelis, and to preserve some face before the Syrian people who wonder why it maintains such a close relationship with one of their existential enemies.

It’s one thing to shore up the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan on the northern Syrian front, another existential threat to the Syrian people, it’s totally another thing in regards to Israel.

Syria should more actively diversify its air defense systems and not only depend on Russian-made weapons, as initial steps until the time of retaliation against Israel comes.

Israel overwhelms Syrian air defense systems with missiles to ensure that some of them do reach their targets, the Israelis do not care about the massive cost of those missiles they fire freely, after all, it’s the US taxpayers who shoulder the cost for them.

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  1. Roy

    During the time of the Roman Empire, there was no Israel, the Jews were nothing more than a small minority in an otherwise multiracial community, in fact, the New Testament was written before the Old. Israeli censors

  2. Jack Oliver

    When the Soviet Union colllapsed in 1991 – the very worst of the Bolshevik Jews emmigrated to ISRAEL –

    Russia still pays their pensions !

    So frustrating – but kicking out the Jewish agency from Russia recently was a good start !

  3. Huda Hajjar

    They can bomb our airports because they are protected by the ones who call themselves the international community, the same criminal hypocrites who invaded our country in the north and south, invaded Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and many other countries and are bombing Yemen but they got upset with Russia securing its western borders using their same logic.


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