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Instead of Withdrawing, US Army Sets New Illegal Base in Syria

US Army democratizing Syrian oil - Deir Ezzor

The US Army beefed up their illegal presence in northern Syria and carried out training for their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists defying international law, Syria, and even their supposed to be allies and partners in crimes, Turkey.

US army in Syria is only there to steal the Syrian oil, oppress the Syrian people, and weaken the Syrian country to enable Israel’s war crimes against the Semite people in the Levant, no other benefits for the US people, on the contrary, the US troops in Syria, and mostly elsewhere, are used as expendable cannon fodders and the US taxpayers fund these war crimes without getting paid in return for their share in funding these crimes.

The Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel made this report about the US presence in Syria:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


American armored vehicles and heavy and medium machine guns are part of a training exercise conducted by American officers for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which included the use of TOW missiles and RPGs, a few kilometers from the Turkish border.

A field given coincides with establishing a US military point in al Naqara, kilometers from Qamishli Airport. In both cases, there are clear messages sent by Washington.

Haitham Hassan – Strategist: Through it, it aims, first, to consolidate its presence, and secondly, to strengthen the fighting capabilities of the separatist SDF militias. Third, increasing training with these militias to spread the idea that the United States of America has backed away from withdrawing from Syrian territory.

Also in the scene, the growing role of the popular resistance by the targeting of coalition bases in the Al-Omar and Conoco fields, east of Deir Ezzor, discomposed the US Central Command. Tribal movements rejecting the (Kurdish) SDF and others impeding the passage of American convoys increased the tension.

Factors that imposed a number of field changes in the deployment of US forces.

Mustafa Miqdad – Syrian journalist: There were concentrated popular operations against American bases in more than one region, resulting in catastrophic results for the United States of America. The Americans and the American soldiers basically do not bear any pressure from the resistance because they fear that the coffins of the dead will return to Washington.

Movements are inseparable from the visit of the commander of the US Central Command, Michael Eric Corella, to Al-Tanf and the conduct of qualitative training for the militants of the so-called Maghawir al-Thawra.

Monitoring the activities of the Russians and allied forces of the Syrian army and reassuring the Kurdish forces of a Turkish confrontation, there are messages from the American movements east of the Euphrates, announcing that the American forces will not withdraw in the near term, at least, unless they are forced by pressing field data.

End of the transcript.

The US-led NATO alliance is not a defensive alliance no matter how many times western officials and their state-controlled mainstream media parrot that mantra; all the wars, conflicts, and catastrophes around the world can be attributed directly and indirectly to one of this NATO alliance, or to all of its member states.

The Global South has suffered more than enough at the hands of these colonial powers and it’s high time their hegemony ends and their empires expire.

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  1. Suzann Choate

    I really hate the world sets back and let’s the heads of a few countries let and keep this 10 year war continue in Syria. It’s a crying shame for people to suffer and die over the greed. Of people that should be protecting them.


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