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Russia Deploys a Sukhoy to Qamishli Airport in the Northeast of Syria

Russia Sukhoy fighter jet in Syria - Hmeimim - Qamishli

Russia deployed one of its Sukhoy fighter jets to the Qamishli Airport in the furthest northeast of Syria for the first time, the plane will be stationed in the airport to carry out its objectives from there.

Qamishli International Airpot is in the southwest of the Qamishli city which in turn is on the northeastern Syrian borders with NATO member state Turkey not far from a number of US military bases in the region whether in Iraqi Kurdistan or in Turkey itself.

Locals reported seeing the Russian Sukhoy fighter jet performing several reconnaissance flights over the region.

The Qamishli airport is under the control of the Syrian state and despite endless massive attempts by the NATO armies of uniformed troops and their proxy terrorists to invade it, it’s vital for the millions of Syrians in the northern region and for the Syrian state and the Syrian armed forces to maintain the supply routes from and to the Syrian Jazira region, mainly the Hasakah province.

Russian forces were using helicopters and ground military police to patrol the region in accordance with the de-escalation zones agreements with the NATO member state and Israel’s main regional servant state Turkey.

The Russian forces are planning to expand the airport in Qamishli to accommodate larger and more fighter jets and helicopters and to establish a military airbase in the region which also helps Russia balance the Turkish provocations and blackmailing of Russia itself, and the provocations against the coalition to combat terror (the real combatting of terror) which Russia is the main player in along with Syria, Iran, and a number of countries, especially in light of the NATO continuous expansions to Russia’s borders and the latest Turkish support to the regime in Kyiv militarily, and politically against Russia in eastern Ukraine and in the Crimean Island.

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1 Comment

  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s all because our enemies found some traitors to use to attack us, if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be any war to fight, infiltrators coming from out would be identified and arrested, Turkey wouldn’t get the chance to invade Syria neither by its army nor by its hundreds of thousands of terrorists it brought with the help of the Saudis and Qataris from all sides of the planet. Now, we have to deal with the current situation where bigger players try to settle their scores on our land and on the account of our people.

    The Turkish maniac should be stopped at all costs, and I mean at all costs even if it requires firing hundreds and thousands of missiles targeting all of Turkey’s infrastructure at once in any coming confrontation however small it would be. After almost 11 years it’s enough being the victims.


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