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Russian Fighter Jets Eliminate 45 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

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Russian fighter jets eliminated 45 terrorists of Al Qaeda in the western countryside of Idlib including commanders in the NATO-sponsored terrorist organization, the Russian military in Syria reported.

In a statement issued today, 18 September 2022, Deputy Head of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim Oleg Egorov said:

“On the 17th of this month, the Russian Air Force launched an air strike on a base of the terrorist Jabhat al-Nusra organization (aka Nusra Front – Al Qaeda Levant – HTS) in the vicinity of Sheikh Yusef village in Idlib governorate, which resulted in the elimination of 45 terrorists, including the leaders Bilal Saeed and Abu Dujana al-Diri, and a number of weapons stores were destroyed.”

This bombing of Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib follows the joint operation carried out by the Russian and Syrian armies on the 14th of the month destroying what appears to be an Al Qaeda aviation training field for drones in the province which is under the occupation of NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army.

The bombing of Al Qaeda’s drone field on the 14th of the month destroyed their drones, and the transportation vehicles used by the terrorists, and killed and injured the terrorists at the site.

While the US army, the Turkish regime, and their allies constantly claim that their illegal operations in Syria are aimed at combating terrorism, namely Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the targets they do eliminate and brag about in their media are either former terrorist commanders, or commanders who try to go astray with the money they collect while serving the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people, or expendable low-level terrorists to be used in the election campaigns in the various NATO countries.

On the ground, NATO armies of the USA and Turkey are actively providing weapons, training, and logistic support to the various terrorist groups of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their offshoots under the guise of aiding the moderate terrorists in Syria and not the radical terrorists!

Contrary to the criminal actions of the North Atlantic ‘defensive’ alliance in West Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean far away from the Atlantic Ocean altogether, the Russian and Syrian armies are actively eliminating the terrorists by pinpointed qualitative security and military operations, or by bombing the headquarters and gathering of the terrorists which explains the unbalanced mood of the Turkish madman Erdogan with his contradictory statements about a rapprochement with Syria, and the anger of the US and other NATO officials against Russia more obvious in Ukraine.

The latest wiping out of Al Qaeda forces and their NATO-provided weapons in Idlib by the Russian and Syrian armies are messages that should not be taken lightly by NATO about the determination of stripping the North Atlantic ‘defensive’ alliance of its backbone forces, Al Qaeda and its numerous variants and offshoots.

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  1. roberthstiver

    Such a multi-yeared mess. Damn the USA, the Turks, any and all terrorists working against the national-security interests of Syria; damn esp. the Zionist psychotically criminal vermin. Go Syria! (Russian forces and the valiant, patriotic Syrian Arab Army form a team that can only draw praise and support from all Syria’s people.)

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    The ability of the evil axis: US-led NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel to continue to create hundreds upon hundreds of terrorists despite the grinding of thousands upon thousands of terrorists by the Syrian, Russian armies and their allies in both Syria and Iraq is beyond my understanding.

    How can they find so many ignorant useful idiot cannon fodders ready to die for them as thugs who will end up in hell?! How many dumb people are there ready to sell their lives to the devil? And how much the world owes Syria and then Russia for cleansing the planet from these terrorists?!

    • Huda Hajjar

      I never thought we had so many traitors, criminals and dumb people, and then never thought there are hundreds of times of those from the other countries they are bringing them from to our country!


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