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Syrian and Russian Armies Destroy al Qaeda Drones Field in Idlib Countryside

Syrian and Russian armies destroy NATO-sponsored al Qaeda drones field in Idlib countryside

Syrian Arab Army missiles and Russian Air Force bombing destroyed a field used by NATO-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib countryside exterminating several terrorists including their foreign trainers, drones, military vehicles, and equipment used by the terrorists.

Syrian news media circulated a video showing the bombing of the training field in what appears to be an olive trees farmland in Idlib countryside, the exact location was not provided.

The footage distributed by the Syrian media shows several drones hidden next to trees, military and unmarked vehicles, and a number of terrorists on the site with one of the drones flying from the site before showing the bombing of the site by Russian fighter jets and Syrian Arab Army missiles.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


After a continuous reconnaissance, monitoring, and follow-up process, our missile forces, in cooperation with the friendly Russian warplanes, carried out a qualitative operation in the countryside of Idlib targeting places and headquarters for training terrorists to launch and direct drones, through precise air and missile strikes that led to the destruction of those headquarters, including control and command vehicles and drones, in addition to the killing and wounding of a number of terrorists, including foreign terrorist trainers.

End of the transcript.

Instead of reducing the number of terrorists and their weapons in Idlib and northern Syria based on the agreements for de-escalation signed between Russia, Iran, and Turkey, the Turkish madman Erdogan has beefed up the terrorists in numbers and weapons, including his son-in-law Bayraktar drones technology.

Syria has accepted the above-mentioned agreements on the basis that Russia and Iran would guarantee the implementation of the articles stipulated in those agreements, both guarantors failed to hold the Turkish madman Erdogan to his own obligations and the war on terrorism in northern Syria continues.

The Russian special military operation to clean Ukraine from the Nazism ideology and de-militarize its neighboring country has not affected the operations of the Russian army in Syria despite blocking the Russian navy’s movement between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean by NATO member state Turkey, and despite the NATO’s direct involvement in a war they’re imposing on Russia in Ukraine until the last Ukrainian and the last sanding European factory.

Israel’s repeated bombing of sites in Syria, with the full backing of the USA and the rest of NATO and the Gulfies, has not stopped the Syrian Arab Army from pursuing their goals of eliminating terrorism on all Syrian territories before moving their focus to the enemy of humanity and the forefront launchpad of NATO against the region aka Israel.

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  1. Jack Oliver

    Woo Hoo

    Judgement day is coming for the west !

    They are pure EVIL !

    Russia – China and Iran got a deadly Bio Weapon that targeted their ethnicity !!

    Like MERS ( Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome ) that targeted Arabs !!

    The rest of you got the FLU and if you were stupid enough – an mRNA vaccine in your body – the repercussions of which are probably eventually deadly !


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