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Israel Bombs Aleppo International Airport and Sites in Southern Damascus

Israel bombs Aleppo international airport and southern Damascus

Israel carried out its latest war crimes against Syria bombing Aleppo International Airport, the country’s second-largest civilian airport, and firing missiles at sites in southeastern Damascus city yesterday late evening.

The information coming from sources in Syria about the targets of Israel’s bombing is still scarce, we do have a statement from Syria’s ministry of defense and some footage shared on social media.

A military spokesperson said in a statement carried by Syria’s state news agency Sana:

The bombing of Aleppo International Airport:

The Israeli enemy attacked Aleppo International Airport at approximately eight o’clock this evening (yesterday, Wednesday 31st August), with a missile strike that caused material damage to the airport.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

As we gather, a team from Aleppo Civil Aviation and the Ministries of Transportation and Health in addition to military experts have been immediately dispatched to the airport to evaluate the damage and evacuate and treat any injured.

The bombing of sites in the south of Damascus:

At about 9:18 pm this evening (yesterday, Wednesday 31st August), the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with a number of missiles from the direction of Lake Tiberias, north of occupied Palestine, targeting some points southeast of the city of Damascus.

The Syrian military spokesperson added that ‘our air defense media confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, and the aggression led to some material losses.’

This repeated Israeli bombing against Syria is possible only with the complete support of the West, Turkey, and the Gulfies, also continues to take advantage of the Syrian armed forces are heavily engaged in clashes against NATO-sponsored terrorist groups, the likes of ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), Al Qaeda, and the Kurdish SDF separatists, in addition to confronting NATO’s largest and second-largest armies, the US and Turkish armies, occupying parts of Syria.

Israel mainly targets Syrian army posts in direct combat with terrorist groups and is focusing in its recent bombing on Syria’s main infrastructure serving the people of Syria, it has bombed both Syria’s seaports of Latakia and Tartous, Damascus International Airport, and now Aleppo International Airport.

In its justification, the entity of illegal settlements masquerading as a state with its IDF and Mossad terrorist organizations claim they are attacking weapon shipments heading to Hezb Allah in Lebanon, the question the western supporters of Israel never asked: If Israel is so concerned about weapons shipped to Hezb Allah, why Israel doesn’t attack Hezb Allah which is closer to it than Syria? Attacking Syria will drag the region into a massive war in which the US army will be used as cannon fodders to fight and get killed for Israel, attacking Hezb Allah does not achieve that goal.

On its part, the United States of America and its Kurdish SDF proxy terrorists are stealing Syrian oil and wheat, and the Turkish army and its Al Qaeda and ISIS proxy terrorist are bombing electricity and water stations, and railways, and dismantling and stealing Syria factories, all to save the Syrian people as the criminals claim and their gullible people believe.

Syria, and its allies, have failed to push the United Nations Security Council to condemn the Israeli aggression facing strong opposition from the three NATO permanent members in the council with veto powers, the USA, UK, and France. Complicity in war crimes committed by their protectorate Israel against Syria they will find themselves on the other side when Syria starts retaliating, directly or indirectly against the anti-Jewish Zionist Israel.

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