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Tal Tamr Power Station Damaged by the Turkish Army is Restored

Tal Tamr - Hasakah western countryside - electricity

Technicians from the Syrian Electricity Company managed to restore, for the umpteen times, the Tal Tamr power station in Hasakah countryside after it has been damaged by the Turkish army.

The General Director of Al-Hasakah Electricity Company, Eng. Anwar Okla, confirmed that the Tal Tamr power transmission station was restored to service after repairing the fault on the 66 kV tension line, which resulted from a cut-off close to the substation as a result of the Turkish aggression on the village of Umm al-Kif, north of Tal Tamr, in the western countryside of Hasakah.

In addition to providing electric power to hundreds of thousands of people in the Hasakah countryside region, the Tal Tamr station also feeds the electric supply into the water stations in the region and its disruption leads to depriving the people living there of fresh water.

The Turkish regime and its plethora of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi terrorist groups spearheaded by Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the US army and its proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists have high on their goals the destruction of Syria’s infrastructure, the bombing, and dismantling of power stations, factories, railways, oil, and oil machinery in northern Syria and smuggle what they can into Turkey in the north and Iraq in the east is part of their war of attrition against the Syrian people for refusing to join the ‘free world’ they preach.

Turning northern Syria into a buffer zone inhabited by the families of terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan whom he brought from all sides of the planet, mainly of Turkic origins and including the Chinese Uighurs, is the stated policy of the Turkish regime. The furthest from Islam an individual can be, Erdogan, vowed to Israelize northern Syria making it uninhabitable for normal human beings after failing to turn all of Syria into ethnic and sectarian-based cantons with endless conflicts whose leaders aspire to the ‘Caliph’ in Ankara.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    God bless our electricity workers, they are under tremendous pressure and they work under high risk of getting killed by the western freedom fighters…


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