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Israel Attacks T4 Airport SAA Uses to Fight ISIS

image-SAA Air Defense Responds to Israel Missiles on T4 Military Airport

Israeli fighter jets launch an attack in the dense of the night against the T4 military airport in central Syria from Lebanese airspace.

Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the attack was an Israeli carried out by two F15 fighter jets that launched 8 air to surface missiles at the airport east of Homs city, central Syria.

The Russian MoD added the fighter jets fired their missiles from over the Lebanese airspace and the SAA air defense managed to shoot down 5 of it.

T4 Military Airport is used actively by the Syrian Arab Army in its operations against the remnants of US-sponsored ISIS terrorist groups after eradicating the terrorists from all of their main bases, especially in Eastern Syria. ISIS terrorists maintain a considerable number of their fighters in US illegally controlled areas in the far northeast of Syria east of Euphrates River and another at the Tanf border crossing to the southeast of Syria. Both areas are in desert plains.

Herds of ISIS terrorists tried to advance in the area near the airport taking advantage of the Israeli attack reminding of the September 2016 attack by the US air force on the SAA post on al-Thardeh Mountain in Der Ezzor killing 83 SAA soldiers and allowing a large group of ISIS terrorists to take over the post, they were waiting for the air raid to finish.

The junta ruling the US regime headed by unpredictable madman Donald Trump had threatened continuously the Syrian leadership of attacks to hinder the latest SAA offensive against terrorist groups, especially the deal in Douma finally resumed after the deal to evict the latest and largest terrorist presence in the direct vicinity of the Syrian capital Damascus to the north and freeing thousands of kidnapped civilians in their captivity.

Video shared on Facebook shows the moments SAA air defense shooting at an incoming Israeli missile:

Despite the Trump regime denial of responsibility in the air raid, Trump in person holds the full responsibility of the attack as Israel wouldn’t dare carry out any act outside its borders without his approval, US weapons and US taxpayers money financing it.

image-Trump with Anti-Islamic Jaish Al-Islam Terrorists
Trump with Anti-Islamic Jaish Al-Islam Terrorists

Israel can claim whatever it wants as justifications, its legal standing as a state itself is unfounded however its Western sponsors try to make it a fact on the ground. A borderless entity built by foreign imported settlers replacing the original people of the land by massacres and intimidation is not a supporter of ISIS, it’s the other side of ISIS’s coin.

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The Chemical Attack False Flag carried out by the defeated and cornered Jaish al-Islam with the help of the discredited White Helmets organization didn’t sell well in the world with their lousy hasty anticipated and warned of by the Syrian authorities.

The Lebanese airspace gives Israel an advantage with half of the Lebanese officials are very pro-Saudi and anti-Syrian and would justify such attacks and breach of their country’s sovereignty, while if Syria retaliates in their country’s airspace they’ll go rabid against Syria. To solve this pressing matter, Syria must lock on each Israeli plane as soon as it lifts off of the runway in its airport and shoots at it once it approaches the Lebanese airspace or Russia would push Lebanon to sign an agreement where Russia would provide air defense protection to the undecided tiny country.

Afraa Dagher in Latakia, Syria contributed to the report.

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