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Explosions Heard Near the Syrian Capital Damascus

Tunnels found by SAA in Darayya South of Damascus - Explosions Heard

Residents have reported hearing sounds of multiple explosions on Thursday in the vicinity of the Syrian capital Damascus. The Syrian Arab Army has already declared the entirety of Damascus and its countryside safe, secure and terrorists free 12 days ago.

The explosions were heard especially in Kafrsouseh and Mezzah neighborhoods south of the capital.

Security sources confirmed the explosions were due to engineering units of the Syrian Arab Army destroying a tunnel in the town of Darayya which was liberated a while ago. The tunnel was the work of the terrorist groups which infested the town.

Other sounds of explosions heard were several mines and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) blown up by the SAA Engineering Units found in areas recently cleaned from terrorists.

The tunnels found in the areas of Darayya, Hajar Aswad, Yarmouk Camp, Bet Sahm, and other areas in Eastern Ghouta, are being and will be all destroyed to prevent terrorists and leftover sleeping cells sneaking into these areas from reusing the tunnels. It is also leveled to prepare for rebuilding the damaged areas and to eliminate any danger for the locals returning to their homes.

US-sponsored terrorists have dug massive networks of tunnels all over the areas they infested in order to target the government-controlled areas in the country with tactics of hit and hide in these reinforced tunnels, also to hide their headquarters, their weapons and ammunition, the humanitarian aid and medicine sent to the besieged people under their control and to inflict the maximum casualties among the SAA soldiers and the civilians returning to their homes.

Last year, SAA’s defender of the city of Der Ezzor Brigadier Issam Zahreddin was killed by an explosive device planted inside a tree and thin detonating wires were spread among its branches after cleaning the city and its countryside from ISIS terrorists.

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