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Belarus Gifts Syria Six Transport Trucks, Part of Humanitarian Aid Package

Belarus gifts Syria six MAZ transport trucks - humanitarian aid بيلاروس تهدي سورية 6 شاحنات ماز مساعدات انسانية

Belarus delivered six transport trucks to Syria, the second batch of the humanitarian aid the Republic of Belarus has provisioned for the Syrian people.

The MAZ transport trucks arrived at the Syrian city of Latakia and were received by the province’s governor and a delegation from the Syrian Ministry of Public Works and Housing headed by Deputy Minister Eng. Marie El-Tali.

Attending the delivery of the trucks, the Belarussian ambassador to Syria emphasized his country’s continuous support to Syria during the difficult times Syria is going through based on the historical friendship between the two countries.

Belarus gifts Syria six MAZ transport trucks - humanitarian aid بيلاروس تهدي سورية 6 شاحنات ماز مساعدات انسانية

Belarussian humanitarian aid’s first batch included medical products, electrical transformers, and foodstuffs which were delivered in the past November.

Worth noting that the USA and its European Union lackeys impose the harshest sanctions on Syria which were maximized by the so-called Caesar Act which targets any other country, organization, or individual who trades or carries out any business with Syria, the US and EU hypocritical and sinister regimes hope from their draconian sanctions to push the Syrian people into poverty, sell their dignity, and revolt against their state in order for the USA to install a puppet regime in Damascus it can control.

These sanctions are the main cause of hardship the Syrian people are suffering, coupled with the ongoing theft of food, oil, and water, the regimes of the USA, Turkey, and the EU are stealing with the help of their proxy Kurdish SDF, ISIS (ISIL), and other Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in northern Syria.

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