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Syrian and Russian Armies Joint Military Parachute Drill

Syrian and Russian armies parachute drill تدريب بالقفز المظلي للجيشين السوري والروسي

The Syrian and Russian armies carried out a long joint military drill on parachuting over several days in Syria following extensive training for the parachuters of the Syrian Arab Army by their Russian counterparts.

Footage from the drill was shared by the Syrian Arab Army:

The video is available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


Within the framework of coordination and joint training between the Syrian and Russian friendly armies, one of our armed formations carried out, over several days, a training statement on parachute landing, in which hundreds of our heroic fighters participated who showed during the training high morale, courage, and accuracy in preparation and execution.

This drill comes after a set of joint exercises between the friendly Russian and Syrian armies to qualify and train our fighters on the parachute landing process in various circumstances and at all times and with high professionalism.

End of the transcript

Syria and Russia hold decades-long political relations inherited from the Syrian and Soviet relations which in turn is a continuation of centuries close ties between the two people, despite some hick-ups by some Russian politicians who were betting on closer ties with the West and Israel demonstrated by Russia in several turning points like the withholding of the deliveries of the Russian S300 air defense systems to Syria upon the request from Israel which Syria was due to receive in 2010 upon a request.

Have not the Russian side held that particular delivery, Syria would have had better chances in repelling NATO’s direct involvement and the bombing of Syria in the US-led war of terror waged on Syria the year after, 2011.

Another weird stain that continues to taint the strategic relations between the two countries, at least at the Syrian people’s level, which the Syrian people are very puzzled about is the coordination agreement between Russia and Israel on allowing the latter to bomb Syrian posts which Israel took the liberty to the maximum by committing series of war crimes against Syria and against the Syrian people the last of which was Israel’s bombing of Damascus International Airport.

The above doesn’t affect the general cooperation between the Syrian and Russian armies in combating a common enemy, the US-sponsored terrorism in Syria and in the different Russian republics.

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