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BBC: Apologize for Your Vile Reporting of Terrorist Attack on Syrians from Foua & Kefraya


Hey BBC, when are you going to apologise for that vile disgusting article on the terrorist attack on innocent Syrians being evacuated from Foua and Kefraya?

For a start, you didn’t even call it a terrorist attack. In one of the most shameful episodes of your existence you didn’t even acknowledge the sheer horror of the scale of the killing, the fact 68 children had their lives instantly ended, or the most grotesque, horrifying element of all, the fact that the terrorists lured hungry children to their death by offering them chips to eat.

The chips weren’t an offering for children wracked with hunger who have endured 2 years of terror, bombing and in constant fear for their lives. They were the bait in this Pied Piper game to lure them into the open where the maximum number could be killed.

You simply said, “No group has claimed responsibility for the bus attack.” Bus attack??!! Is that how you describe one of the most vicious, bloodthirsty acts of the 6 year war on Syria?

A bus attack could be pelting it with eggs. No, this was 2.5 tonnes of explosives that destroyed 4 buses, several cars and took 126 people away from their loved ones.

You won’t even hint at who is responsible because you know it focuses attention on the nature of the terrorists you call “moderates’ and “rebels,” it dramatically undercuts your claims that Bashar Al-Assad is an evil dictator, and will cast strong doubts on the public perception of Assad being responsible for the Khan Sheikhoun “chemical” incident [“which cannot be true,” according to MIT Professor of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy.].

You of course call the terrorists “moderates” and “rebels” because the UK/NATO criminal entity have trained, supported and provided propaganda cover for some of the most vile terrorists that have ever menacingly paced the earth. As you are a Downing Street controlled propaganda outlet, you will not dare cross your masters.

Your morally bankrupt masters at the Foreign Office have funded the terrorist allied White Helmets to the tune of millions of dollars. Boris Johnson worships them and wants to boost funding even higher.

Boris “BJ” Johnson, adored by BBC

The sinister nature of what is a psyops operation to cynically manipulate public opinion is illustrated by the funding coming from the UK government’s shadowy £1 billion (US$1.22 billion) conflict, stability and security (CSS) fund. So, it is not drawn from humanitarian funds, but something far more secretive, mysterious, and, dare I say it, right up the alley of the intelligence agencies.

Do you BBC, like CNN see this atrocity as a “hiccup”? Or perhaps I should call it an incident. Terrorist atrocity by NATO/Gulf State backed extremists is perhaps a bit harsh?

And of course we know that the hiccup is just a bump in the road in the continued demonization of Assad, and therefore the people of Syria. It is a threat that needs to be deflected so the one sided narrative can continue unabated and unrestrained by facts to the contrary. You and your fake news stablemates are presenting this war on Syria as one 6 year long WMD in Iraq redux aren’t you.

All you needed to do was present the story in the natural, raw way we would expect any news outlet with ethics and integrity to. Like you would if a terrorist attack happened on British or European soil. But no, you chose to suppress the emotions, and introduced ridiculous logic and intentional deception. Deception such as suggesting it is “not clear how the vehicle could have reached the area without government permission.” Permission from the government to take a vehicle through terrorist controlled territory, through a terrorist checkpoint, up to a group of children being led to their deaths by terrorists luring them with chips. What sort of fools do you think your readers are? You must think our stupidity parallels your immoral propagandising.

Among BBC ‘reports’ of the terrorist bombing is this picture borrowed from Reuters, that looks like a Monet.

But when all is said and done they were just “Assad supporters” weren’t they? That I imagine would include the children in the first 3 or 4 years of life who wouldn’t even know who Assad is. Would it include the child whose body is hanging out of the bus, their innocent life taken from them in an act of unspeakable barbarity? If they were Assad supporters, does that make little Omran Daqneesh a “terrorist supporter”?

We had a situation where the people besieged by extremists who vow to massacre “infidels” and have voiced the chilling “Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the grave” were at the mercy of these terrorists, vulnerable to a savage attack at any time before the evacuation was complete.

And yet you said the terrorists had nothing to gain. You echo the depravity of CNN and the “Assad supporters” line. Did you call the victims in Khan Sheikhoun “opposition supporters”? Or suggest Assad had nothing to gain in carrying out such an attack? Rhetorical questions, so no need to reply.

Your negligent journalist missed out on some crucial aspects to understanding how and why this attack occurred:

  • The checkpoint was controlled by the terrorists
  • The attack happened before the hand over into government controlled territory
  • The terrorists let the car loaded with explosives through the checkpoint
  • They besieged the victims of this atrocity for 2 years, residents they shelled, killed and terrified. Life was a daily horror of shelling, car bombings, rocket attacks and denial of humanitarian aid. Can there be any doubt they would take the opportunity to carry out such a mass atrocity
  • The terrorists burned buses that were due to evacuate the very same residents in December 2016. Video footage shows them celebrating and saying, “We will burn every convoy trying to evacuate them. God willing they’ll only leave as corpses.”
  • These are innocent civilians that were killed. They were not “Assad supporters,” they were not intolerant sectarians and they most definitely do not deserve to have their deaths exploited to further the barbaric agenda against the wonderful country of Syria.
  • This is not a Shia/Sunni sectarian feud. These are terrorists who have a hatred for all those who don’t share their narrow, extreme Wahhabism. They are motivated by their fanatical ideology to carry out such atrocities.

It is interesting to note that the report mentions the handing out of crisps near the vehicle but quickly says it is not clear how the government allowed it permission to enter the area. Are you trying to say the government sent it there loaded with explosives to kill the “Assad supporters”? What a short lived strategy that would be to massacre your own supporters. Supporters would become the enemies that drag you through the streets like Gadhafi in very short order.  And there was no “retaliation” was there.  The Syrian authorities let the evacuations of Madaya and Al-Zabadani proceed [60 buses of more than 2300 terrorists]. The Syrian authorities offer amnesty and reintegration into the community to those who give up arms. The terrorists seek to inflict maximum death and destruction at every opportunity. They do this to terrorise the population into submission, meekly accepting their fate under a Saudi style dictatorship totally foreign in this land.

You may have forgotten who the terrorist groups in Idlib are BBC. Many of them transferred to Idlib to join their allies in terror after the liberation of Aleppo.

And what did they do in Aleppo? Well what didn’t they do.

Your “moderate” freedom lovers:

  • Murdered civilians found in mass graves after the liberation
  • Executed Syrian soldiers being held captive before being escorted out
  • Killed 27 people in a single incident protesting at being held captive as human shields
  • Stockpiles of chemicals were found post liberation. Go on have a look, the video and documented sources are there for all to view
SAA and Russian sappers found CW missiles in liberated Aleppo
US/UK funded terrorists proudly stand on corpses of murdered Syrian women. BBC missed this massacre, too.

But don’t listen to me. Let me quote some witness testimony:

Vanessa Beeley (a real journalist unlike you fakes) spoke to a bus driver who said, “Just before the explosion a strange car got through the militants checkpoint. They said they were bringing snacks for the children. Then they got out of the car and started shouting, who has children? Bring your children here. The kids had been under siege for so long they hadn’t seen biscuits or crisps. They played on their emotions…they were Ahrar Al-sham and Jabhat Al-Nusra and some factions from the Free Syrian Army.”

Other witnesses said:
“We couldn’t find them. They (the terrorists) wouldn’t let us find their bodies.”

“They brought food and the kids gathered around and they blew them up. Why! No one asks why.”

“We will support our government until the very last drop of our blood! We are with you Bashar no matter what they do to us! For you, Syria! For you, Syria!”

Kevork Almassian (another real journalist) released a video which includes one of the terrorists making this statement during the sieges of Foua and Kefraya: “Your dogs in Kefraya and Foua are crying for help. We swear to God we will crush them under those chains. We will wipe you all out!! We will run them over with these tanks and over their corpses. By the will of God we will feed your parts to dogs and wolfs. Jiaish al-Fatah has arrived you traitors! You pigs! You Rafida!”

Another sings: “Kafarya and Foua, we will behead you all and we have come to slaughter you!”

Ah, the sweet musings of your “moderates.” Does it make you proud BBC? How does this rant stack up to Lina Sinjab’s assessment that the terrorists had no reason to carry out the terrorist attack?

Do you have a direct line to Ivanka Trump? Can you tell her to tell her daddy he needs to point his Tomahawks at the terrorists, the real evil villains in this Syrian tragedy?

Are you on friendly terms with Kate Bolduan of CNN? If so, tell her we are waiting for her on air tears, as she displayed over Omran Daqneesh as he was being used as a prop in a propaganda video.

And can we ask you a favour please BBC? Can you please point us to one example of the government using a suicide bombing since this war on Syria began? And are you willing to sit through hours and hours and hours, actually, days of footage of the terrorists using suicide bombings. It is their signature tactic and they will use it until they are finally driven from Syria.

Compare this act of satanic monstrosity to the government organised evacuation of the opposition fighters and their families. To illustrate it, let me refer you to Vanessa Beeley again (yes that’s right, a real journalist. Are you catching on yet)?

“Today in Al Waer, Homs we witnessed the evacuation of Nusra Front fighters and families to Jarablus and then Turkey. Under the Syrian government Amnesty and Reconciliation agreement they were able to leave with their weapons, safely to their destination of choice. In stark contrast to the horrific treatment of civilian evacuees from Kafarya and Foua who were massacred in Rashideen by a suicide bombing carried out by US funded extremists. We in the ‘civilized’ west bring barbarism to a country that is consistently demonstrating the meaning of true civilization, dignity and humanity.”

Armed and masked “moderates” at the bus stop

Vanessa Beeley described perfectly the despicable mainstream media coverage in an interview “this complete dehumanisation of these human beings, these children…we have just witnessed one of the most heinous crimes of our lifetime actually, and yet corporate media, there is no condemnation, international condemnation from government, from NGO’s, from the media over this, there is just a complete attempt to whitewash this utter, abhorrent, like I said I can’t even find the words to describe it, to try and describe the pain that these people must have gone through.”

You at the BBC and other despicable western government controlled propaganda media have crossed the red line. In truth you crossed it long ago. It is one thing to be fake news, but it is another when your fake news protects, promotes and supports the murder of civilians the length and breadth of Syria and beyond.

— Paul Mansfield


In the Statement from Families of Fouaa and Kefraya Terrorist Opposition Bombing,  these families hold Ahrar al Sham, Nusra, Qatar, and Turkey responsible.  They want their 200 kidnapped children returned from Turkey and Jabhat al Nusra controlled Idlib, returned immediately.


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