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Al Qaeda FSA Commander Killed in Daraa Countryside by an RPG

Al Qaeda FSA commander Khaldoun Zouby killed in an ambush in Daraa countryside مقتل خلدون الزعبي قائد في القاعدة الجيش الحر في طفس درعا

One of Al Qaeda FSA top commanders in the city of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa was killed and a number of his companions were killed and injured in an ambush on a road near the city of Tafas.

Khaldoun Al Zouby and four of his companions were killed, and five others were wounded after their motorcade was attacked by an RPG missile followed by a barrage of bullets, the ambush attack that took place on Friday, the 26th of August, lasted about half an hour, local sources confirmed.

Opposition sources claim the terrorist commander was killed after meeting with a Syrian security official in the southern Syrian province of Daraa to negotiate the surrendering of his terrorists holed in the city of Tafas.

Terrorist attacks have been escalated in the southern region (the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida, and southern Damascus countryside) by the remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists who operate out of the 50 kilometers perimeters established by the US army around their illegal military base in Al Tanf in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert on the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan.

Among their victims, the remnants of ISIS have assassinated Syrian army officers, state and Baath party officials, tribal notables, public workers, and their own colleagues who have decided to join the reconciliation, lay down their weapons, and either return to their normal lives or get shipped to the Turkey-controlled Idlib in northern Syria.

This particular terrorist commander, Al Zouby, has led a large group of Saudi-sponsored Al Qaeda FSA terrorists in the southern region in battles and terrorist attacks against the Syria army and coordinated his terrorist attacks with the Qatari-sponsored ISIS terrorists before the Syrian army liberated most of the southern region in two phases, in 2018, and last year 2021.

Saudi, Qatari, Jordanian, Turkish, US, Israeli, and UK officers take part in the Jordanian-based “MOC” black operations room which commands all the terrorist groups carrying out the terrorist attacks against Syria in the south and central Syria. There is a similar black operations room in Turkey to coordinate the attacks in the northern regions of Syria. These were all revealed by former officials from all these countries mentioned after leaving their job.

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