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ISIS Remnants Assassinate another Baath Party Official in Daraa

ISIS ISIL Daesh terrorists in Syria southern region - Daraa Quneitra Sweida enjoy US Army protection

ISIS remnants operating out of the US protected zone in Al Tanf have carried out another assassination against a Baath Party official in the countryside of Daraa, this latest terrorist attack took place yesterday 25 August 2022.

The Secretary of the Partisan Division, a member of the Bosra Al-Sham Division Command, Youssef Al-Zoubi was killed and a civilian was injured when a group of terrorists opened fire at the official outside his house in the town of Al Musayfrah in the far eastern countryside of Daraa, in southern Syria.

A source in the Daraa Police Command told the Syrian news agency, Sana, that Mr. Al-Zoubi died on the spot while the civilian with him identified as Mr. Ahmad Abdul Qader sustained injuries in his foot from a gun bullet and has been hospitalized.

This is the second assassination this month of a Baath Party official in Daraa after the 4th of August attack killing Salama Al-Qaddah, the trustee of the party in the city of Al-Hirak in the northeastern countryside of Daraa.

Daraa police source and the news agency Sana have not reported on the identity of the terrorists carrying out these attacks, however, local sources and analysts insist they are from the remnants of the ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorist group who fled the southern region when the Syrian army liberated it early last year, the terrorists since have taken advantage of the protection provided to them and to ISIS-affiliated Maghawir Thawra in the region surrounding Al Tanf in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert.

In addition to the targeting of Baath Party officials, the US Army-protected terrorists have carried out a large number of attacks killing and injuring state officials, army and security personnel, local and tribal notables, public workers, and even former terrorists who joined the reconciliation, laid down their weapons, and returned to their normal lives.

The US Army and its command at USCENTCOM still gaslight the US taxpayers claiming they are in Syria to protect those taxpayers by combating ISIS, the USCENTCOM considers the ISIS and ISIS affiliates they protect in Al Tanf as moderate rebels spreading democracy and freedoms in Syria, the sad part is the US taxpayers do believe this narrative and consequently Syria continues to bleed while the less than 1% in the US gets extremely fatter.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    As long as there is US presence there will be terrorism, unless the US army is forced to leave we will continue to bleed and suffer.


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