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A Blow to the CIA: Syrian Security Eliminate Top ISIS Commander

Syrian Security in Daraa Eliminate Top ISIS Commander Muhammad Abu Omar Al-Shaghouri - حملة أمنية تقضي على محمد أبو عمر الشاغوري متزعم داعش في المزيريب درعا

Syrian security in the western countryside of Daraa eliminated a top commander of the US-sponsored ISIS organization in a swift operation yesterday, Friday 20 January in the town of Muzayrib, and two of the terrorist’s bodyguards were eliminated with him.

A statement by Syrian security carried by the Syrian news agency SANA said:

“The security forces stormed the headquarters of the terrorist organization (ISIS) next to the preparatory (junior high) school in the northern neighborhood of the town of Al-Muzayrib, and clashed directly with them, which led to the killing of the terrorist leader, Muhammad Ali Al-Shaghouri, nicknamed Abu Omar Al-Shaghouri, who is one of the remaining leaders of the organization in the western countryside of Daraa and is responsible for the assassinations and attacks that were taking place in the area.”

The statement added: “The operation also resulted in the killing of the two companions of the terrorist Al-Shaghouri, Ahmed Khaled Al-Masry, and Mohsen Zitawi, and their individual weapons were also confiscated.”

Syrian Security in Daraa Eliminate Top ISIS Commander Muhammad Abu Omar Al-Shaghouri - حملة أمنية تقضي على محمد أبو عمر الشاغوري متزعم داعش في المزيريب درعا
Top US-sponsored ISIS Commander Muhammad Abu Omar Al-Shaghouri

Local sources in the area confirmed to Syria News the elimination of Al-Shaghouri in a security operation carried out by a unit of Syrian security with the help of the locals, the sources noted that Al-Shaghouri was originally from the same town of Muzayrib and initially joined the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) then, like most of the other terrorists joined the Saudi-funded Al Qaeda and later the Qatari-funded ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) which paid much more back then.

Al-Shaghouri managed to flee from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the city of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa when it liberated the city in January 2021, some local sources said he received logistical support from foreign ‘intelligence’ handlers based in Amman, Jordan, and in the US Army’s illegal base in the Syrian Al Tanf region.

The local sources in Muzayrib said that the security in Daraa was notified by local activists about some movements in the house of Al-Shaghouri indicating that he was visiting it and a swift operation was planned and carried out.

The local activists were fed up with the crimes of this terrorist in their city including the targeting of a local committee in Daraa countryside which was formed to negotiate the evicting of terrorists who refused to lay down their weapons during the reconciliation process after the liberation of the province by the Syrian Arab Army, and especially after the latest wave of terrorist attacks in the southern region with the help of other groups of ISIS remnants, some of their leaders were also eliminated by Syrian security which delivers another severe blow to the US’s CIA and its black operations to destabilize Syria and Iraq.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    One more down still plenty to go, they just keep coming with the abundance of support from their sponsors in the USA, other NATO members, Israel, the Suadis and Qatar.

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