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Top ISIS Commander Eliminated by Syrian Security in Daraa

Top ISIS Commander Abu Qassim Al Aqrabawi Eliminated by Syrian Security in Daraa مقتل القيادي في داعش أبو قاسم العقرباوي على يد اﻷمن السوري في محافظة درعا

Another top and one of the most wanted ISIS commanders was eliminated during a qualitative security operation in the northwestern countryside of Daraa province in the south of Syria.

Syrian news agency Sana and local sources confirmed the killing of so-called Abu Qassim al-Aqrabawi, he was the right hand of the ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) Emir (Prince) in southern Syria who in turn was killed in a special complicated security operation in the Daraa western countryside last month, only to be followed by the eliminating of ISIS military commander in the same province within a week.

Military Intelligence units of the Syrian law enforcement agencies in Daraa traced al-Aqrabawi in the early hours of dawn today, Monday 05 September, to a house in the Al Yadudah town, 6 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Daraa. The Syrian law enforcement agents surrounded the house.

Top ISIS Commander Abu Qassim Al Aqrabawi Eliminated by Syrian Security in Daraa مقتل القيادي في داعش أبو قاسم العقرباوي على يد اﻷمن السوري في محافظة درعا

Local sources said that clashes didn’t last long between the Syrian law enforcement agents and the terrorist who refused to surrender and instead opened fire at the law enforcement agents who responded in kind and stormed the house, arrested the terrorist who sustained fatal wounds and soon after succumbed to his wounds.

It seems that this series of successful operations leading to the elimination of ISIS top commanders in southern Syria came after another most-wanted ISIS terrorist was arrested at a security checkpoint on the road to the city of Dael in the northern Daraa countryside, the so-called Muhammad Awaidat delivered valuable information to the security agents. This part of the information needs verification from one more source.

We, at Syria News, cross our information with at least 3 sources including official Syrian sources, local sources, and sources from the side of the terrorists themselves which get leaked to us or published by the terrorists themselves.

Syrian law enforcement agencies need to carry out special and qualitative operations to arrest or eliminate ISIS top commanders and other terrorists in the southern region because of the high-level support these terrorists receive from their handlers in the US illegal military base in Al Tanf in the depth of the southeastern Syrian desert on the border junctions with Iraq and Jordan.

Police departments in many US states combined would only dream of 1% of the support, weapons, funding, training, and logistics the terrorists in Syria receive from the US federal government.

Upon liberating Daraa Balad, the last stronghold of ISIS in southern Syria, the terrorists, most of them from ISIS fled the province of Daraa and refused to join the reconciliation process or get shipped to the north where their brethren are under the protection of NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army, headed toward the security perimeter established by the US illegal military base in Al Tanf where they enjoy the protection of the US army, NATO’s largest army, and from that area they carry out their massacres, assassinations, and other terrorist attacks against the Syrians in the southern region.

Eliminating these terrorists deprive the Biden junta of some of their important assets in southern Syria who were used by NATO and its regional proxies to pressure the Syrian state trying to obtain concessions the Syrians refused to deliver during the fiercest battles with tens of thousands of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the plethora of terrorist groups all across the country who were besieging most of Damascus, Aleppo, and over 120,000 citizens in Deir Ezzor city who today celebrates 5 years of breaking that siege by the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces.

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