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Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Commander Droned with Some Sheep

Al Qaeda Levant commander Saddam Al Mousa killed by drone attack in northern Syria

A NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda commander was killed along with some sheep in a bombing by a drone in a village in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, north of Syria Wednesday, 25 January 2023.

Local sources in Al Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo said that so far, nobody claimed responsibility for the killing of the Al Qaeda commander Saddam Al Mousa aka Abu Adi, and at least 2 sheep near his house in the village of Al Hadath in the early evening hours of Wednesday.

The bombed terrorist had earned many enemies throughout his terrorist career, and any of those enemies are capable of drone-killing him with the sheep.

Some of the local sources in Al Bab said the terrorist was eliminated after refusing to share the spoils he extorted from the Syrian locals crossing at the Al Hamran makeshift checkpoint in the same area where he was killed with another NATO Turkey-sponsored terrorist group dubbed the National Army, one of the dozens of the Turkey-sponsored terrorist groups operating in northern Syria who are constantly fighting over territories and spoils of war.

Other local sources said the terrorist might have been killed by the Turkish ‘intelligence’ for refusing to hand over the checkpoint to another Turkey-sponsored terrorist group.

Among the jobs this killed terrorist had during his criminal life was as an investigator at the infamous makeshift Jarabulus security prison, he later joined the fight against the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists over some territories in Al Bab city in 2016. The last post the terrorist had was the commander of the ‘Ahrar Aolan Brigade’ of the ‘Ahrar Al-Sham’ organization, an affiliated group with the so-called HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant.

Reactions among the terrorists in the different branches, affiliated groups, offshoots, and rivaling factions of Al Qaeda in northern Syria over the killing of this Al Qaeda commander varied between delighted and extreme anger, some of the terrorists were considered colleagues of the terrorist and others were already eyeing the checkpoint he was controlling.

In general, one less terrorist from any of the groups working for NATO countries Turkey or the USA, or for other terror-sponsoring countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel, is a blessing for the Syrian people, the sad part is the sheep who were killed with this one as collateral damage.

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