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Earthquake Strikes off Latakia Coast, the 2nd this Month in Syria

Earthquake strikes off the Syrian coastal city of Latakia - هزة أرضية زلزال يضرب شمال غرب مدينة اللاذقية شرق البحر المتوسط

An earthquake struck off the Syrian coastal city of Latakia yesterday evening, 29 January 2023, the Syrian National Seismic Center reported.

The earthquake was recorded at 19:12 local time, it scored a magnitude of 4.3 on the Richter scale as reported by the Syrian National Earthquake Center quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA, and by the Earthquake Information site which records earthquakes around the world.

The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded at Location: 35.78 N, 35.73 E; Depth: 10 kilometers as per the Earthquake Information site, and at Location: 35.71 N, 35.72 E; Depth: 13 kilometers as per the Syrian National Earthquake Center, some 22 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Latakia in the eastern Mediterranean.

There have been no reports of aftermath tremors felt by the residents of Syria’s largest coastal city, Latakia, and no signs of a Tsunami at sea.

This earthquake strikes 17 days after the most recent earthquake that struck in the northern countryside of the central Syrian city of Hama on the 12th of January this month. Some 11 kilometers to the south of a previous earthquake on 12 August 2020, both earthquakes occur within a series of earthquakes recorded in the past years some of which are seen in our above interactive map.

For more information on the so-called Earthquake Era that Syria entered into at the beginning of this century, our post of November 2020 explains the movements expected across the Arab-African subversive fault:

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  1. Jack Oliver

    Weather warfare !

    China and Russia know EXACTLY what it is !

    CERN – probably the reason that the weather balloon blew off course as well !

    The CERN particle collider is the largest machine ever built – an underground 27 kilometre facility that spans the Swiss/French border.

    Nikola Tesla was a ‘ discoverer ‘ NOT an Inventor.

    He discovered the earth’s electromagnetic waves .

    Around the year 1900, Dr. Nikola Tesla discovered and patented a system of utilizing the earth’s natural vibrations to transmit power through the earth without wires.

    This system used to generate electromagnetic waves of very high power and an extremely low frequency (ELF).

    Such waves had the capacity to travel thousands of miles across the earth without their strength being diminished.

    Depending upon the exact frequency ( Determined by CERN ) and power that was transmitted into these waves, these waves had the ability to affect various aspects of weather such as wind patterns, storms, creating high/low-pressure belts in the ionosphere which would then impact the entire atmosphere as a whole.

    It is believed that Dr. Nikola Tesla with various meticulous experiments was able to simulate storms, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and even rains using the same system.

    Later, shortly after the turn of the nineteenth century, Dr. Nikola Tesla theorized that by using coordinated radio impulses ( CERN radio frequency ‘ cavities ) it would be possible to manipulate ( CERN ) the part of the earth’s magnetic field that resides at the edge of space, up in the ionosphere by generating giant standing waves (electromagnetic resonant waves).

    Dr. Tesla also said that standing waves could be manipulated to change the course of giant wind patterns like the jet stream that shape our weather.

  2. M. Ini

    I’m afraid Jack Oliver here has a point, Syria (and not only Syria alas) should definitely be monitoring for any HAARP-like activity (weather-oriented or earthquake-oriented), which can take place at extremely low frequencies (but probably not only). Certain SDR receivers (Software Defined Radio) connected to a PC might be of use to monitor entire bands on a waterfall display. If the government takes care of the monitoring however and the budget is not that of a regular citizen, there should be more sensitive radios not needing a (noisy) PC aside. As for the extremely low frequencies, I’m honestly unable to suggest anything precisely, but Syria certainly has good scientists and radio technicians who can take care of that.


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