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Al Qaeda Top Commander Killed by his Bodyguard in Northern Syria

Al Qaeda Commander Abdul Karim Hasan killed by his bodyguard in Hasakah

Al Qaeda top commander in Ras Al-Ayn Abdul Karim Hasan has been reportedly killed by his own bodyguard in Hasakah province over the split of war spoils, multiple sources confirmed.

A sad day for the Turkish madman Erdogan as he heard the news of one of his loyal terrorists being killed by another of his loyal terrorists, Abdul Karim Hasan was a ranking commander in the so-called ‘Badr Martyrs Brigade’, a terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front or Jabhat Nusra).

The sources reporting the incident said there was an argument this morning Monday, November 28, over distributing the spoils of war between Hasan and his bodyguard, unnamed by the time of writing this report, followed by gunshots in the quarters of the terrorist group in the village of Al-Mukhtaleh, Ras Al Ain countryside in the western Hasakah province.

It is common for terrorists to eliminate each other over the split of spoils when their handlers do not supervise the distribution, even when their handlers supervise the distribution of the spoils, terrorists from other groups sponsored by other handlers of NATO and regional stooges would attack each other to steal what is stolen from the Syrian people or what is received from the taxpayers in NATO member states, or from the Gulfies, mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Erdogan continues to refuse to implement the agreements he committed himself to before the Russian and Iranian leaders while his proxy terrorists are eliminating each other, though the infighting among these terrorists is good, the Syrian people continue to suffer from their terror.

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      • Nora Booher

        But then again the same people who brought us the Spanish Inquisition, the genocides of the America’s, the European plagues and religious wars, killed Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King jr., etcetera, etcetera bring death to Syrian citizens daily, so why accept on face value anything that is said concerning anything that may involve such people as them?


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