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Syria Confiscates One-half Ton of Captagon in Damascus Countryside

Syrian Drug Enforcement Seize Captagon pills in Damascus Countryside

Syrian law enforcement may have made the biggest drug bust since the advent of the NATO Spring, in 2011. On 30 November, the Levantine Republic’s version of the US DEA uncovered 525 kg / 1137.43 lbs of Captagon pills. Captagon is most readily understood as methamphetamine on steroids, potentiated with the bronchodilator, theophylline.

This beastly drug is best used by violent psychopaths, the criminally insane monsters who decapitate soldiers, give children severed heads to proudly display, and for cannibals. Filthy NATO stenographers have written many lies about this drug that has no medicinal use, and which has never been manufactured in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The US banned Captagon in the 1980s, and seems to have shipped old reports of it being used as a stimulant for American soldiers, for the rare narcolepsy, and for ADHD into the old Orwellian memory hole, possibly to assist in giving credibility to the lies of western news sources.

The report from the Syrian Arab News Agency comes one day after the NATO Nazis at the UN were forced into an Arria Formula anti-Syria soiree, complete with live performances from US taxpayer-funded liars, Waad al Kateab and Omar al Shogre.

The fake tortured Al Shogre has a full scholarship to Georgetown University.

Al Shogre is the liar with perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect fingernails who claims to have been tortured in for three or four years, before escaping Syria while half-dead from tuberculosis, from which he has miraculously recovered, along with miraculously growing back all of his ripped out ten nails, which simply does not happen in real life (it is impossible to yank out nails with pliers. Avulsions tend to be singular, related to real trauma).

Al Kateab is the wife of the fake Syrian physician (he dropped out of school) who is the real friend of the likely Captagon-fueled savages who kidnapped 12 year old Abdullah Issa from a hospital, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, for the camera.

The Syrian drug enforcement authorities of course did not provide details on the Captagon makers and smugglers, the investigations are still underway, the smugglers advanced their techniques and sprayed the packages with pepper to mislead the detecting equipment and trained dog sniffers.

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Again, despite the lies of NATO stenography media, Captagon has never been manufactured in Syria. Again, it is likely that many of these violent savages have ingested the drug that makes degenerate, violent, criminals more psychotic.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    That’s a very huge quantity and as usual nobody gives credit to our police and security when they do these arrests and they do a lot, but first time I see this much in one catch.


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