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Roadside Bomb Blows up Biden Forces Trucks Convoy in Northern Syria

US biden - trump forces convoy in northern Syria - archive

Two Biden Forces trucks were burnt when the illicit convoy either hit a landmine or other buried IED or when an attached explosive was remotely detonated. The incident occurred on the first day of December, in the al Malikiyah area in the northeast countryside of al Hasakah. Al Hasakah is a governorate located in the Syrian Arab Republic, which is not part of the United States of America.

At this writing, there is no news of casualties — not even of illegal US soldiers having to be shipped to Germany for treatment of negligible headaches. Biden forces became hysteric and enforced a security perimeter around the site of the incident.

We will never know the real number of casualties among the US army of oil thieves, the Pentagon is the last source to be considered reliable for such news, in the matter of fact of any news. We might know, however, when the Purple Heart medals are given to the families of the killed or wounded oil thieves, the medals can also be bought online for about 5 dollars plus tax, in case the readers are wondering how much is the worth of the life of a soldier trained to steal, kill, maim, destroy, and die so the large corporations can make more money.

The White House junta of Joseph Biden are in a race with time to decide what to do with the forces illegally deployed in Syria and those in Iraq which were ordered by the Iraqi parliament to leave their country, leaving Iraq will mean there will no longer be back up support for the troops in Syria. The resistance forces in Iraq gave the US regime until the end of this year to get out, if they fail to do so, more roadside bombs will target their convoys, Kamikaze drones will shower their military bases, and a spike in demand on body bags will ensue until they leave.

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On another note, landmines have been a too frequent topic of reporting by Syria News. Our news on the countless children and adult civilians, and also SAA sappers murdered or maimed via these cowardly weapons — that do not fall like manna from the heavens — always includes condemnation of NATO-dominated UNMAS vicious neglect of both promise and duty to help the SAR clear away these deadly explosives.

Should it become known that American illegals in Syria were burnt, killed, or had parts of their bodies blown off in this incident, or if this will become a regular situation, perhaps the worthless Mine Action Service might finally arrive to do more than create a repulsive photo opportunity.

Alas — this is likely wishful thinking. Were UNMAS to attempt to assist Biden regime forces from gruesome injury and/or death, the United Nations NATO Nazis would have to finally admit that US troops in the Levantine Republic are war criminals.

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  1. Nora Booher

    Except for the invaders, how many Syrian civilians have been killed or maimed by these landmines in the last week? There was an issue last week that the same people who planted the landmines in the first place also have complete control over the internet and were blocking all attempts to discuss the removal of the landmines, and if Syria News is any indication there’s no one in Syria who seems to have the where with all to do anything about removing such devices other than to continue asking the same people who manufactured the bombs, placed the bombs, and who profit handsomely from every child who dies from those bombs to please remove them at their own expense. If that can’t be done then it appears that they will either stay in the soil till the end of time, or rely on God’s goodwill to remove them himself. So, I’m just curious if God decided to do just that, since I haven’t heard of any more Syrian deaths since then. There’s an interesting essay on Veterans Today (November 30th) about how to perform miracles with a combination of heart, soul and the universal language of love. Just looking at all the hate speech on Facebook; Islam appears to be the religion of love, Christianity almost there as long as one believes in Jesus, and then that other group in that order, as far as the Abrahamic fairhs are concerned, so it would just be interesting if those landmines will ever kill another child in Syria.

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