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US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Kill Syrian Army Captain in Daraa

Remnants of the US-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS ISIL terrorists in Syria فلول إرهابيي القاعدة وداعش المدعومين أمريكياً في سورية

Biden forces illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf area have escalated their attacks against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern province of Daraa using the remnants of ISIS (ISIL) terrorists, the attacks are killing and injuring Syrian army personnel as well as civilians.

During the past 24 hours alone, two terrorist attacks were carried out against the Syrian Arab Army units in the countryside of Daraa in southern Syria, one of them with an IED planted in a vehicle of a Syrian Arab Army officer in the city of Daraa and the other was an attack with machine-guns against an army checkpoint in the western countryside of the province.

In detail, Syrian Arab Army Captain Muhammad Mansour Hawash succumbed to his wounds shortly after arriving at the hospital after an explosive device planted under his car was detonated. Captain Hawash was serving in the 123rd Brigade of the Fifth Division of the SAA.

Coinciding with the detonation of the explosive device in Captain Hawash’s vehicle, a group of ISIS remnants attacked a checkpoint of the Syrian Military Security at the entrance of the city of Dael in the western countryside of Daraa province. The attack did not result in known casualties by the time of this report.

The Fifth Division of the SAA played and continues to play an important role in combating and defeating terrorism in the southern region, the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, Sweida, and the southern countryside of Damascus.

However, the movement of the Division in pursuing the terrorists, mainly ISIS and its affiliated Maghawir Thawra is limited in the Syrian southern desert by a kill zone established by the US forces illegally operating in the Syrian Al Tanf region where they provide protection for the terrorists under their command and hold hundreds of Syrian families hostages in the most inhumane conditions in the Rukban concentration camp.

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  1. Ron Chandler

    Please refer me to your items on Mossad’s involvement with the SDF. I am informing others. (I’m an old friend of Ziad Abu Amin Fadel) Some links to my email would be appreciated.


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