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Madman Erdogan Kills Two More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Syria

Turkish army soldiers under attack in northern Syria الجيش التركي تحت القصف في شمال سورية

The Turkish madman Erdogan and for reasons related to his sponsors in Tel Aviv and Washington continues to sacrifice Turkish soldiers in his military aggression across the region, two of those soldiers were killed in Aleppo countryside yesterday, the Turkish war ministry admitted in a statement it issued today.

Erdogan’s ministry of war claimed the two soldiers were killed by an artillery shelling that targeted a Turkish illegal military base in the Syrian town of Kiljabreen in the Syrian Aleppo countryside, a renewed NATO forces fratricide on Syrian soil.

The Turkish war ministry claimed the artillery shelling was carried out by ‘terrorist groups,’ the Turkish regime tends to use the term ‘terrorists’ to refer to the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists whose outposts in Maraanaz and Tal Rifat in northern Aleppo were bombed by the invading Turkish army in response to the Kurdish terrorists bombing the Turkish illegal base in Kiljabreen, no casualties reported from the Kurdish side at the time of writing this report.

These two Turkish soldiers killed in northern Syria yesterday are in addition to the five Turkish soldiers and security personnel killed in the north of Iraq where the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan also occupies parts of Iraq illegally.

It’s time-consuming counting the number of Turkish soldiers the Turkish madman Erdogan sacrificed in Syria alone, it’s much more than a hundred not counting the wounded as per the official records of the Turkish war ministry, let aside those killed in Iraq, Libya, and everywhere else except Palestine where he seems not concerned with the Zionists occupying the Muslims’ 2nd most sacred mosque, in a matter of fact, Erdogan has served Israel very faithfully by attacking and destabilizing any country that deemed hostile for the Zionist entity occupying Palestine.

The presence of Turkish troops on Syrian soil comes within the context of Erdogan’s plot to Israelize large parts of northern Syria, breaching Syria’s sovereignty and Syrian territorial integrity, breaching international law, and breaching the charter of the United Nations, a continuation in breaching the Adana Accord between Syria and Turkey signed in 1998 and resulted in absolute secure borders between the two neighboring countries until the madman Erdogan was seduced by his handlers in Washington, namely George W. Bush and his successors, to revive the most-hated Ottoman Empire and become the neo-Ottoman sultan, in early 2011, the Turkish madman had already thousands of anti-Islamic terrorists collected from all sides of the planet who follow the British-invented twisted ideology of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood invading Idlib.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Good riddance, whoever eliminated them. By now they should know better that their leader is using them as cannon fodders in his war crimes all over our region.

  2. Walter Alif

    sooner or later Erdogan will run out of money, think to Turkey that the economy is increasingly depreciating, its army, however strong, cannot handle so many conflicts at the same time


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