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US-sponsored ISIS Kill 5 Syrian Soldiers, Injure 20 Others in a Bus Attack

ISIS kills 5 Syrian Arab Army Soldiers in a bus attack in Homs

US-sponsored ISIS terrorists attacked a bus carrying soldiers yesterday evening in the Syrian desert killing 5 of them and injuring 20 others, a Syrian military spokesperson confirmed.

The military spokesperson detailed in a statement:

At approximately seven o’clock yesterday evening, a military transport bus was subjected to a terrorist missile attack in the area 50 km east of the third station in the Syrian Badia (desert) by a group of ISIS terrorists. The attack was followed by bursts of 23-mm cannon.

‘Five of the Syrian Army soldiers were martyred in the attack and 20 others wounded,’ the statement concluded.

The names of the Syrian Arab Army martyrs are:

  1. Martyr Honarry Lieutenant Sameh Al-Muhaisawi.
  2. Martyr Honarry Lieutenant Hassan Zaitoun
  3. Martyr Honarry Lieutenant Hani Khaled
  4. Martyr Honarry Lieutenant Muhammad Yousef
  5. Martyr Honarry Lieutenant Youssef Ammar.

This latest attack comes in a series of attacks carried out by ISIS terrorists and their affiliates against buses, trucks, infrastructure, and even shepherds and their cattle in the Eastern Homs desert area, the terrorists launch their attacks in the vast desert area then return to an area under the protection of the US forces illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf region which imposes a 50 square kilometers no-fly zone around their base.

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