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Syrian Shepherd and his Sheep Killed by Landmine Explosion in Hama

Landmine explosion - Syria - file photo انفجار لغم أرضي سورية

A Syrian shepherd and several of his sheep were killed by a landmine explosion in the eastern countryside of the central Syrian province of Hama yesterday.

The shepherd was grazing his sheep in the Sheikh Hilal area in the northeastern countryside of Salamiyah in the eastern countryside of Hama when they came across a landmine that blew up killing the shepherd immediately and blowing up several of his sheep.

Groups of the US-sponsored ISIS, Al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front), FSA, and affiliated terrorists were largely busy planting landmines in the areas they infested all over the country while other groups were busy slaughtering the people and blowing up their properties and the country’s infrastructure, the western mainstream media defending those terrorists were promoting their work as ‘defending freedoms and spreading democracy’ in Syria while systematically demonizing their victims, the Syrian state, and their Syrian army.

Salamiya, in particular, was one of the regions of focus of the terrorist groups due to the region’s strategical local on the roads to the Syrian open desert, Tadmor (Palmyra), and Deir Ezzor to Iraq, and because of its Ismaili minority considered like all other Syrians as infidels by the ‘freedom fighters’ sent to ‘democratize’ them with US taxpayers money.

We’re reporting these landmine explosion incidents occasionally as we do not have the resources to keep track of all of them, the United Nations organization tasked to help the Syrian state with its efforts to demine the country from these timebombs is not providing reliable figures, and the Syrian state is overwhelmed in its efforts to remove the mines and other explosive devices, care for the victims, and continue to fight the remnants of the terrorists, two major NATO forces the US army and the Turkish army occupying large and strategic parts of the country, their proxy terrorists and defending the country from Israel’s repeated bombings.

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