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Erdogan Forces in Northern Iraq Bombed with Grad Missiles

Turkish military base in Zlikan Bashiqah Iraq - Erdogan

Erdogan forces illegally deployed in northern Iraq received a new year reminder that their presence is not welcomed when their base in Ba’shiqah was hit by missiles.

The Erdogan forces of the Turkish army and the al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in the Zlikan base in the Ba’shiqah area were hit by 5 Grad missiles, awaiting the Turkish ministry of war to disclose their losses not yet revealed by the time of this report, once we get their figures we can find out the real number of their losses by multiplying by 5, as usual.

Camp Zlikan of the Erdogan forces is a constant recipient of missiles ever since its establishment, though the Turkish ministry of war has a constant policy of always reducing the number of casualties from attacks with missiles targeting the camp, learning from the Israeli and the US war propagandists, on rare occasions they would claim a soldier was killed and another injured.

Zlikan base near the Iraqi city of Mosul in the Nenawa (Nineveh) province is one of the illegal bases built by Erdogan forces in northern Iraq starting with 2015 under different pretexts like to combat terrorist groups referring to the Kurdish PKK which Erdogan has very close relations with its compatriots in the Iraqi Kurdistan entity (Turkey is NATO member state and Kurdistan is NATO protectorate) and to fight ISIS which received enormous support from the Turkish regime especially it shares the same anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine which Erdogan is its international political head.

Erdogan thinks he can fill in the shoes of the US forces withdrawing from the region to serve the same goals as his patrons in the Pentagon and Israel have except that he made a deadly mistake by thinking he believed himself to an extent thinking he’s a real leader who has can carve out territories for his personal benefits without receiving instructions from his patrons, a tool, especially a very cheap one like Erdogan, can only remain a tool and is disposable in moments like the former Egyptian Mubarak or even the Iraqi Saddam who both realized the same too late and from which the likes of Erdogan refuse to learn from their deadly fates.

The Axis of the Resistance has given the US and other foreign forces until the end of December 2021 to withdraw from the region starting with Iraq and Syria, they were generous enough to allow the occupation forces time to leave vertically (standing) before they will be forced out horizontally, in body bags after Trump killed the Iranian most revered General Qassim Soleimani and the Iraqi top commander of the PMU Abu Mahdi Al Mohandis, the attacks against their presence started already in both in Iraq as well as in Syria. The targeting of the Erdogan forces in the Zleichan base today, nobody claimed responsibility for the attack yet, it serves as a wake-up call to the Turkish army generals if there are any patriots left among them.

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