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Erdogan Killed Two Iraqi Officers and a Soldier in a Drone Bombing

Iraqi Border control Brigadier Zubair killed by Turkey Erdogan Drone

Turkish madman Erdogan killed three members of the Iraqi border control forces, two of them are officers in a targeted drone bombing of their vehicle on Iraqi territories.

Iraqi security source stated that a Turkish drone bombed an Iraqi border control vehicle in the Bradost region, northeast of Erbil in the north of Iraq near the borders with Turkey.

The Iraqi security source added that the vehicle carrying the head of the Iraqi border security in the region Brigadier Zubair, and his assistant and their driver was directly targeted by a Turkish drone while they were heading for a meeting with officials of the Kurdish PKK party.

Erdogan was aware of the meeting as it was coordinated with Erdogan’s own ‘intelligence agency’ to facilitate further cooperation to establish security in the troubled difficult terrain region at Turkish southeastern borders.

This is not the first time Erdogan acts treacherously as such, also mimicking his mentor the embattled US Trump who killed General Soleimani while the latter was on an official visit to Iraq with the knowledge of Trump’s forces in Baghdad.

Iraq considers the military incursion into its territories by Erdogan’s forces as illegal and occupation and has filed numerous complaints against the Erdogan forces military operations in northern Iraq.

Erdogan officials claim they’re securing their national security by cross borders operations, just like how the US invaded Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere citing ‘national security’, a policy trend followed by NATO member states.

It’s the fate of the people of the Levant and Iraq to face the evil powers of the world: Israel, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Nusra Front, Erdogan forces, US military, and the NATO treacherous agencies.

Iraq is expected to summon Erdogan’s ambassador in Baghdad to protest this latest crime by Erdogan’s son-in-law Israeli-designed drones and to file an official complaint at the United Nations Security Council. These are the current steps within the capabilities of Iraq by piling up the complaints against NATO member state Turkey until the time and opportunity is ripe to restore its sovereignty and make Turkey pay for its crimes, one way or another.

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