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‘Never Trust a Turk’, Erdogan Unleashes Terrorists on SAA Post in Hama

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Terrorists of assorted groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan carried out a surprise brazen attack on an outpost of the Syrian Arab Army in Al-Ghab Plains northwest of Hama early Sunday morning.

The terrorists used in their movement a highway the Turkish army is supposed to be securing based on the Erdogan’s obligation before the Russian President Putin, the last of which was agreed in Moscow on the 5th of March.

Three terrorist groups carried out this latest Sunday attack in Hama countryside: Hurras Al-Din, Ansar Tawhid, and the Turkestan Islamist Party. Don’t be fooled by their Islamic names, their main victims are mainstream Muslims.

The Syrian Arab Army sustained heavy losses and had to withdraw from the post at Tanjara town, northwest of Hama province. The unexpected attack came at the time the Turkish army is supposed to run joint military police patrols with the Russian army along the vital M4 Aleppo – Latakia artery, therefore, the SAA was not expecting such an attack relying on the trust Mr. Putin has in his Turkish counterpart, Erdogan.

The SAA since regrouped and carried out a counter-attack regaining all the lost area and inflicting very heavy losses on Erdogan’s cannon fodder foreign terrorists. Furthermore, the SAA reinforced and fortified its posts in the region in anticipation of another breach by the Turkish hypocrite pariah and his terrorist groups.

Erdogan Terrorists Bomb a Russian – Turkish Joint Military Patrol on M4

In related developments, Erdogan’s terrorists based north of the M4 Highway bombed the M4 Highway, not far from Ariha Bridge near a joint Russian – Turkish military police patrol which was trying to implement what Erdogan agreed to in the aforementioned Moscow agreement with Mr. Putin.

The targeted patrol consists of two Russian and three Turkish vehicles accompanied by Russian and Turkish drones.

Armored vehicles of Nusra Front, aka HTS, the dominating power in the Idlib province, were seen at the Ariha Bridge and in Mussibin town at the time of the bombing. This is evidence that all terrorists Erdogan smuggled into Syria work in full cooperation among themselves and with NATO’s second-largest army the Turkish TSK.

No casualties sustained from the bombing, Turkish TSK soldiers stepped out of their vehicles and spoke with the terrorists, could be to warn them they’re being filmed by the Russian drones in case any harm happens to the Russian soldiers. The patrol went back to its base in the Trinba town near Saraqib.

Hurras Al-Din, Ansar Tawhid, and the Turkestan Islamist Party are anti-Islamic terrorist groups that follow the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, the religion that Erdogan is its political head, the spiritual leader of this religion is the radical lunatic cleric Qaradawi, expelled from Egypt long ago and living a lavish life in Qatar. The Muslim Brotherhood is also the religion of Ayman Zawahri the head of al-Qaeda.

This supposed-to-be Islamic group was created by the British ‘intelligence’ over a century ago to manipulate Islam from within using ignorant Muslims brainwashed with radical ideologies like Wahhabism. Exactly like how the British nourished the Zionist movement which is an anti-Judaism political radical and very violent movement. Zionism introduced terror to the Arab world (MENA region) to establish their anti-Jewish state ‘Israel’, while the Muslim Brotherhood carried out attacks against every government that was standing against the ‘Greater Israel Project’.

Never give your back to a Turk, he will stab you in your back

“Never give your back to a Turk, otherwise he will betray you and stabs you in the back.”

Armenian Proverb

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