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US Proxy Terrorists’ In-fighting Kills Dozens Including 14 Civilians

US-sponsored Deir Ezzor Military Council in-fighting with Kurdish SDF terrorists

In-fighting among the groups of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists led to the killing of dozens in northeastern Syria including 14 civilians so far, multiple reports confirmed.

The in-fighting between the Kurdish terrorists of the SDF was sparked over the kidnapping of a so-called Abu Khawla, the head of a group of fighters from one of the Arab tribes loyal to Saudi Arabia and operating under the command of the SDF, by the ‘security’ apparatus of the SDF last Sunday 27 August 2023.

Ahmad Al Khabil (Abu Khawla) is the commander of the so-called Deir Ezzor Military Council, a group of armed terrorists operating under the command of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists which in turn is run by NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, the CIA and the US Army tasked to sponsor ISIS and plunder Syria’s oil and wheat to punish the Syrian people for not accepting to subdue to the US liberal woke ‘freedoms’ of being enslaved to the AntiChrist ‘elite’ globalists.

Both, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and the Deir Ezzor Military Council accuse each other of aiding ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) while claiming to combat the US-created, -funded, -trained, -armed, and commanded ISIS terrorist group.

Leaders of the Deir Ezzor Military Council call the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists the ‘Yellow ISIS,’ and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists call the members of the so-called Deir Ezzor Military Council ‘criminals and drug dealers.’

The ongoing in-fighting includes bombing by heavy artillery and firing by machine guns of entire villages around the oil fields in the northern and northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor led to the killing of at least 14 civilians and more than 24 terrorists from both sides in addition to wide-scale destruction in properties.

It seems that the extraordinary efforts by the US CENTCOM, the US Pentagon’s group responsible for committing war crimes in the Arab and Muslim world, and the Saudis have failed to stop the bloodshed between their terrorist proxies with members of some other tribes joining the fight against the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and the latter is bringing in more of their people from Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    I don’t mind them fighting each other but these warlords have to fight each other outside the towns and villages and not to use the civilians as human shields.

  2. Liz Grant

    Something of the same sort is happening in the USA; with military supposedly killing FBI, etcetera, but trying to get a nail down on the actual truth is difficult, although, most agree it is the civilians who are being mostly killed by US forces; even combined Russian and US special forces working together in the Ukraine; very difficult to know what is actually going on; main stream media, as always, is totally worthless

  3. Liz Grant

    After reading an Overview of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution; I’m guessing that a foreign country is about to over throw the US government in the same way that the US government overthrew the German government via their proxy Adolf Hitler; and how we just got done doing it not to far back in the Ukraine by installing Zellinski. Gee, I wonder what county that might be; can anyone here, figure it out? And, Mitch McConnell always freezing up? In what order were the Presidential Cabinets created? But, it’s up to the speaker of the Senate; Mitch McConnell, whether we use that order or some
    other order. Looks like a lovely day is in order; but I need some sleep in the meantime; sorry for the misspelling on the Z word.

  4. Liz Grant

    My guess is; and it really is just a wild guess, that Turkey might want to reconsider their alliance to NATO; if Biden attempts to flew the US to escape prosecution for Treason by a military tribunal; where would be the most logical place for him to flee to? The Vatican or Erdogan? It’s not like either man has all that many friends in the world, besides Assad; does he really have any friends that can truly protect him? Either man? Either one of them? At the moment, it would appear that the wisdom and patience of Assad is about to make him the most important political figure in recent world history; and, considering all the other world powers; who would even dare to touch him inappropriately? That’s my take on US domestic policies at the moment

  5. Liz Grant

    Mr. Biden; president of the USA, if not you, I know you have flying monkeys who monitor websites such as these, I wouldn’t even be surprised if that this website itself wouldn’t be a CIA front; all the better for me if it was. But, now as you see, your game plan to murder some one hundred to two hundred million worthless Americans is unfolding a year ahead of schedule, and you’re not fully prepared for the rapid influx of enemy combatants on our soil; so, let me make a suggestion to you Mr. Biden, and undo Barack Obama’s declaration of the Hells Angels as domestic terrorists; we all know that they are some of our most up righteous and loyal patriots that this country has ever had; restore their full citizenship and deputize them to be this nation’s civilian police force, so that we have a form of protection from the military actions already taking place to overthrow this government.
    Just look at what all your mafia thugs did; killing all those people in Hawaii, and then blaming it on the weather and the grass. Where you going to run to; when the USA falls into the hands of the Nazis? Become another Adolph Hitler? Is that how you want to be remembered? Come on Biden, restore the full autonomy of the Hells Angels, so that they may protect both you and our country.


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