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Helicopter Crash Kills Top Kurdish SDF Terrorists in Northern Iraq

Europcoter AS350 - file photo - crash in northern Iraq Kurdish SDF

A helicopter crash in the Kurdistan province in northern Iraq killed all on board; the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the Syrian branch of the PKK, said that some of its terrorist commanders were onboard the helicopter and were all killed.

Conflicting initial reports from the site of the crash at the village of Jumanki near the city of Duhok reported more than one helicopter crashed as well raising the total of the terrorists killed to nine including the head of an Orwellian-named so-called ‘anti-terror’ unit within the NATO-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorist group operating illegally in northern Syria.

Some of the reports affirm that the head of the above-mentioned unit is no other than the son of Mazloum Abdi, the head of the Syrian branch of the PKK, the Syrian Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in addition to 8 others on the two helicopters.

Europcoter AS350 - file photo - crash in northern Iraq Kurdish SDF

Kurdish propaganda outlets claim the crash of the two helicopters was due to bad weather, some analysts are mocking this claim as it sounds like the usual spy novels of someone committing suicide with two bullets to the head.

The same outlets claim that the team on the two helicopters was heading to a resort under Kurdish control coincidentally next to an oil company to ‘exchange security and military expertise to enhance the level of the fighting and security of the fighting units in northern Syria.’ The US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists in northern Syria hail from the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq and control Syria’s main oil fields.

The Kurdish propaganda did name the individuals killed in the crash, three women and six men among who was Shervan Kobane (nom de guerre), the son of the military commander of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in Syria.

NATO member state Turkey occupies some areas in northern Iraq and has established illegal military bases from which it carries out its war crimes against the Iraqi people, some analysts suggest that Turkey is behind the helicopter crashes after receiving intelligence data from its US allies. The Turks usually brag about their military operations, if they were behind this crash, they will be bragging about it soon.

The Syrian oil and wheat stolen from the Syrian provinces of Deir Ezzor and Hasakah by the US Army are smuggled into the Kurdish-controlled northern provinces of neighboring Iraq guarded as well by the SDF forces.

Syria accuses the US Army and its Kurdish SDF proxy of war crimes and genocide against the Syrian people, these crimes include depopulating the region, uprooting the Syrian people of the northern Syrian provinces and replacing them with Kurdish people – Israelize, and commanding ISIS terrorists from the ISIS breeding camps under the control of the USA Army and the Kurdish SDF, and of stealing Syrian oil and wheat.

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  1. Roy

    Makes about as much sense as robbing a gas station in a $10 million getaway car; all of these people must be suicidal, but than just taking themselves out, they have to take as many as possible. No different than male prostitutes working the streets here in the US at the height of the AIDS epidemic when there was nothing to even slow down the progression of the disease. People seem to hate life; I wonder if it has something to do with the evil gods that they worship? Certainly, the god of most Christians is evil as all hell; that is of course if there really are any real Christians; I find it really hard to believe that there really are any real Christians in the world. And, of course they all want to die, right along side their Jewish buddies, no reason to live, but every reason in the world to die. Even rats and cockroaches lead better lives than most Westerners because they don’t have the courage to turn their backs on evil gods.


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