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US Illegal Military Base Bombed with Mortars in an Oil Field in Deir Ezzor

US illegal military base east of Syria, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Hasakah

A US illegal military base in the Al Omar oil field was targeted with mortar shelling by an unknown group in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, east of Syria.

The US and their Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups combed the area with their medium and heavy weapons looking for the attackers, they did not report casualties among them at the time of this report.

Trump forces have increased their illegal military presence in Syria, especially in the northeastern provinces of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah, since Trump ordered, said he is withdrawing his troops from the country, which later he added that he’s keeping ‘some’ of his troops there to ‘protect the oil’ because ‘he likes oil’, which meant depriving millions of ordinary Syrian families of their heat, transportation fuel, and fuel to bake their bread.

The ‘Oil Thieves Regiment’ of the US Army last February expanded its military base in the Omar Oil field making it the largest in the country in the largest oil field in the country.

Last October, the US Army’s ‘Oil Thieves Regiment’ operating in Syria started building a new illegal military base in the Baguz town in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, this would be their 4th illegal military base in the province and the 9th in Syria.

US proxies of the Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups protect the Oil Thieves Regiment while the other US proxy of ISIS engages the Syrian Arab constantly in order to keep them busy from reaching the oil thieves in the northeast of their country.

The regime of Donald Trump and its European allies impose unprecedented sanctions and a blockade against the Syrian people in order to force them to surrender after a decade long of a war of terror they waged against the oldest continuous civilization on the planet, the terror the Syrians faced and defeated for a decade is supposed to now give up in exchange of food and medicine, that’s what the regime of sanctions known as the Caesar Act by the USA and the blockade by the EU block imposes on the country. Their claims that essentials are exempted from the regime of sanctions is a farce to cover their horrendous crimes from their people as it makes it impossible for the Syrian banking system and Syrian merchants to import any needed material through.

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    Let me suggest a DEAL, I once suggested at least a year ago. Assad should should negotiate with loyal KURDS to RID that part of Syria of the American and in return Assad allow those Kurds to have their own Provinnce/State, suject, of course to the Syrian Constitution,as along as they keep the Americans or any other UNWANTED foreigners out.It will be their obligation to keep that land clear of anyone Syria does not want there including Turks. IN return they get their own PROVINCE/STATE.

    Include in the deal apercentage of the Oil revenue/profits to put the “icing on the cake”.

    • Arabi Souri

      There are a couple of flaws in such a deal, first of all, the majority of Syrian Kurds do not want to be separate in an unsustainable entity and want to be part of the country that hosted their grandparents who fled the Ottoman massacres and later atrocities, there are a number of Kurdish MPs in the Syrian Parliament and other Kurdish politicians in different Syrian parties opposing any such suggestion wholeheartedly.
      Then, the Syrian state had and continuing to have talks with the separatist SDF, especially now as the battles increasing in Ain Issa, but those separatists when they sit with the state’s representatives they agree on terms and then refuse to sign on what they agreed upon and Erdoganize (be like Erdogan say something and do the opposite) once they leave to please their US patrons, it’s ongoing now as we write this.
      Also, the separatists have close relations with the Iraqi Kurdistan, once they get in Syria an enclave they’d want to link it with their other enclave in Iraq, and that’s another Israel in northeast Syria, they already brought in Israeli companies into areas they occupy.
      Finally, Syria is too small to be sliced into pieces and it’s composed of many ethnic groups that enrich its society, how long it’ll take the Syrian Assyrians, Armenians, Caucasians, Greek, Turkmen, Druze ethnicities and other sects to call for their own entity like the Kurds?
      The only solution for the Kurds is to be part of Syria like all the others, and for the separatists to go back to their home land in the northern Iraq’s Qandil mountains.

  2. wpslol

    There are no conditions to create a Syrian Kurdistan called “Rojava”, first of all the Kurds in Syria will be 2% of the population (not 30% as in Iraq, in Mesopotamia we can create an autonomous region but in Syria is pure utopia), then SDF controls a vast area of Syria that is anything but a Kurdish majority but an Arab-Sunni one, surely we need to separate the Kurdish seperatist side from the Kurdish pro-government side, the problem is that SDF is protected by the USA if desired, the Syrian government cannot bomb them because it does not have the military logistics to do so as the SAA is all skewed towards the Idlib area and part of eastern Syria, but it can convince the population and tribal forces to protest and drive out the invaders in the areas occupied by SDF; Kurdistan as an independent state can never exist except in Iraq and Turkey but as autonomous regions (not independent states).

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