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US Army Smuggles Dozens of Military Supply Trucks into Northern Syria

US army smuggles dozens of trucks laden with weapons - armored vehicles and military gears into Syria from Iraq

US Army operating illegally in Syria smuggled dozens of trucks loaded with military vehicles and equipment into its illegal military bases in the northeast of the country from Iraq through illegal border crossings.

Local sources in Hasakah province in northern Syria had mixed reports of 50 and 75 trucks laden with vehicles and military equipment entering through the illegal border crossings, some sources said 50 of the trucks were spotted at the Ash Shaddadi city in the southern Hasakah countryside, while other sources counted 75 trucks laden with military vehicles and gears heading to the illegal US military bases in Hasakah province coming through the illegal Al Walid border crossing near the town of Yarubiya from Iraq.

  • US army smuggles dozens of trucks laden with weapons - armored vehicles and military gears into Syria from Iraq
  • US forces smuggles dozens of trucks laden with weapons - armored vehicles and military gears into Syria from Iraq
  • US forces smuggles dozens of trucks laden with weapons - armored vehicles and military gears into Syria from Iraq

The sources that counted 75 trucks detailed shipment items that included “Bradley” advanced combat vehicles, armored vehicles, radar equipment, trucks carrying logistical materials, and tank carriers.

A coalition comprising mainly western countries in addition to the beacons of democracy and freedoms in the Arab Gulf States namely Qatar and Saudi Arabia [sic] was formed to allegedly combat the ISIS (ISIL) terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq. The US-led coalition not only was formed illegally without a mandate from Syria nor a mandate from the United Nations Security Council but ever since its inception, the ISIS terrorist group it claimed to be combating has grown in size and power after it was on the verge of completely getting annihilated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

Not to mention the heinous US fighter jets bombing of a Syrian army’s garrison protecting 120,000 civilians in the city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS attacks which resulted in the killing of 82 Syrian soldiers and their base was overrun by a large ISIS group that just happened to be waiting for such an opportunity. The Syrian Army sent instant reinforcements and managed to repel the terrorists, the Pentagon later apologized for the bombing after they saw the failure of their ISIS proxies.

Locals have reported on multiple occasions US army helicopters airlifting ISIS terrorist commanders from regions the Syrian Army was advancing toward it to safe areas under the protection of the US forces especially in northeastern Syria near the US illegal military bases, and in southeastern Syria near the US illegal military base in Al Tanf region.

In January earlier this year, the CIA freed dozens of ISIS terrorists from a guarded rehabilitation center that is run by their Kurdish SDF separatist proxy terrorists in the southern suburbs of the city of Hasakah.

Immediately followed by escalated attacks against the Syrian Arab Army posts, vehicles, and civilian facilities and passenger buses in the Syrian desert, multiple reports also confirmed seeing the US helicopters drop supplies to areas where ISIS terrorists are holed within in the Syrian and Iraqi connected open desert.

The US forces in Syria are tasked by their commander in chief to steal Syrian oil, wheat, and other grains, to help the Kurdish SDF terrorists and the Turkey-backed Al Qaeda terrorists Israelize large parts of northern Syria, and to exert pressure on the government in Damascus, as well as to block the free movement of goods between Syria and Iraq.

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