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Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Commander Killed in Aleppo Province

Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Commander Hasan Juma killed in Afrin - Aleppo

Another Turkey-sponsored commander of one of the Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups operating in northern Syria was killed, local sources and propaganda outlets of the terrorists confirmed.

Hasan Juma (Cuma in Turkish) was a top commander of the so-called ‘Northern Falcons Brigade’ group operating under the umbrella of the Turkey-created ‘National Syrian Army’, the names used are for propaganda purposes only, they are all affiliated with Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

Local sources debated about the timing of the killing of the terrorist Juma varying between the late night of Thursday 14 July and the early morning of Friday 15 July.

Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Commander Hasan Juma killed in Afrin - Aleppo

The different local sources reporting the incident did all agree the terrorist was killed by an unknown group of masked men who opened fire directly at him in the village of Ayn Hajar in the region of Afrin, Aleppo’s northwestern countryside.

A makeshift hospital in the city of Afrin received the body of the eliminated terrorist, no party took the credit for the operation by the time of writing this report, it could be part of the endless fratricide between the Turkey-sponsored terrorist groups over bounties and spoils of war, could have been carried out by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists in their low-level clashes, and could have been one of the attacks carried out by the local resistance fighting all of the soldiers of Satan in the northern region.

NATO Turkey, NATO USA, and NATO European countries sponsor a plethora of terrorist groups most of which are affiliated with Al Qaeda including Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS, ISIS aka ISIL, and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the financing of these terrorist groups come from the generous western taxpayers who prioritize killing Syrians over their own wellbeing, healthcare, education, and even food security, and the super-rich gas station state Qatar and the ‘beacon of democracy and freedoms’ [sic] the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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1 Comment

  1. Huda Hajjar

    Good riddance, whoever was behind his elimination even if it was by another terrorist group, the result is one terrorist less.


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