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US Army Kills a Senior Al Qaeda Terrorist Leader Close to Erdogan in Idlib

Terrorists of the notorious White Helmets org inspect the charred corpse of senior leader of Hurras al-Din killed in a drone strike in Idlib - al qaeda

A senior commander in a terrorist organization affiliated with Al Qaeda was killed by a drone strike in Idlib, the US army claimed responsibility for the attack that took place on the late evening of yesterday, Monday 27 June.

Local sources said that around 11:30 pm yesterday, a US-led coalition drone fired two rockets against an individual on a motorbike on the road connecting the city of Idlib and the town of Qmeinas in northwest Syria. The sources added that the charred unrecognizable corpse remained until the early morning hours of today after spy drones left the area of the attack.

In a statement on their Twitter account, the US CENTCOM said they killed Abu Hamzah Al Yemeni, the CENTCOM tweet claims that he is a senior leader of Hurras al-Din, a known offshoot of Al Qaeda operating out of Idlib in a region controlled by the Turkish army and terrorist organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan.

The US CENTCOM tweet reads:

“CENTCOM Forces conducted a kinetic strike in Idlib province, Syria, June 27, targeting Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, a senior leader of Hurras al-Din, an Al Qaeda-aligned terrorist organization. Abu Hamzah Al Yemeni was traveling alone on a motorcycle at the time of the strike. Initial review indicates no civilian casualties.”

The statement continues:

“Violent extremist organizations, including Al Qaeda-aligned organizations such as Hurras al-Din, continue to present a threat to America and our allies. Al Qaeda-aligned militants use Syria as safe haven to coordinate with their external affiliates and plan operations outside of Syria. The removal of this senior leader will disrupt Al Qaeda’s ability to carry out attacks against U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians around the world.”

The above statement is very disturbing in many ways, the only thing it got right is the very last words of it: ‘Al Qaeda carry out attacks against civilians around the world,’ everything else in the statement is a false narrative based on the ‘US exceptionalism’ and the role it assumed by itself illegally, the following points explain:

  • The USA operates in Syria illegally without any mandate from the United Nations or, more importantly, from the Syrian state.
  • The very strike the US took the liberty to carry out inside Syria without the permission of the Syrian state is a violation of the UN Charter, the UNSC’s endless resolutions on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations, Syria in this case, which the USA itself is a signatory to each one of those international law agreements, articles, and resolutions.
  • Syria is not a safe haven for Al Qaeda and its aligned terrorist groups to launch their attacks on others outside the country, only the regions where there’s an illegal presence of any of NATO member armies, the US, British, or Turkish armies, or their proxies in Syria are safe havens: Idlib, northern countryside of Aleppo, parts of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah under the US and Kurdish control, and the Al Tanf area in the southeast of Syria from where ISIS remnants carry out their attacks against Syrians in the southern region.
  • Terrorism in Syria only appeared after the US invasion of Iraq and later when the US-led regime change series dubbed Arab Spring swept only the Arab countries whose oil and resources are not fully controlled by western conglomerates.
  • The statement talks about Al Qaeda’s ability to carry out attacks against US citizens, where? What are US citizens doing in Syria?

While the US military statement claims the Al Qaeda-aligned terrorists carry out attacks against US partners, it doesn’t reveal which partners?

The operation took place in an area controlled by the Turkish army and its affiliated slew of terrorist organizations, they call them moderate rebels, how could a senior Al Qaeda leader be freely moving within such an area without the cover from the Turkish army, NATO’s second-largest army, and the main US partner?

Keep in mind that the first leader of ISIS (ISIL) Baghdadi was also allegedly killed in Idlib by the USA and also in an area controlled by the Turkish army, his successor was allegedly captured in Istanbul, and another senior ISIS commander was snatched earlier this month by the USA in an airdrop operation near the northern Syrian city of Jarabulus, also under the occupation of the Turkish army and its affiliated terrorists. Not to mention Jolani, the head of Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS aka Nusra Front or Jabhat Nusra among other name variations) whose terrorist group operates in coordination with the Turkish army and who receives western journalists, officials, and Turkish delegations in his quarters in the same area.

Therefore, Turkey is not one of the US partners referred to in this statement where eliminating the senior leader of Hurras al-Din was posing a threat to it, on the contrary, given all the above, the eliminated terrorist was a Turkish asset who the USA killed.

I missed to mention that the last pseudo name of this terrorist ‘Al Yemeni’ means he is from Yemen and came to the area through one of Syria’s borders not controlled by the Syrian state; which border that might be? Hint: Turkey shares 910 kilometers of borders with Syria, some of which are a few kilometers from where this terrorist was killed yesterday evening.

Another partner the USA is ready to sacrifice its last soldier and its last dollar to secure is Israel. We all saw that the terrorists fighting against the Syrian state receive support and state-of-the-art medical treatment from Israeli hospitals, medical treatment the US citizens would only dream of. Moreover, each time the terrorists are defeated or about to be defeated on any front in Syria, the Israelis interfere by bombing the Syrian Army posts in that area with the help of the US army illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf region and in northern Syria to save the terrorists.

The terrorists themselves pledge allegiance to both Turkey and Israel in their struggle against the Syrian state, one of the early leaders of Al Qaeda in Syria infamously said to an Israeli TV station that he prefers Sharon, the former Israeli war criminal and prime minister over the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Therefore, Israel is not on the gaining side when the US takes out one of the terrorists in Syria, it actually loses an asset just like the case with Turkey.

This leaves only the armed Kurdish groups, mainly their SDF separatist terrorist group who, on paper and in their media, claim to be combating the Al Qaeda-aligned terrorists in Syria. All sources on the ground confirm that the Kurdish separatists and the Al Qaeda, ISIS terrorists, and their NATO sponsors use each other as justification for their existence and for their crimes against the Syrian people, the worse crime of which is the current genocide in northern Syria where all these forces work effectively to Isarelize Syria’s most fertile land which coincidentally contains Syria’s largest oil and gas fields.

The thriving of terrorist groups inside Syria, also in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Central Africa, and elsewhere, is only possible with the massive support these terrorists receive, the former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim stated more than once that his country with the Saudis alone have spent 138 billion US dollars to arm ‘moderate rebels’ to topple the Syrian state and that was until May 2017 only. The USA and its European Union lackeys spent billions of dollars and Euros more to support these terrorist groups in Syria for no good.

If the USA and its allies, especially the least democratic regimes in the world: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the apartheid colonial Jewish state of Israel stop arming terrorist groups under whatever label they give them, stop interfering in the internal affairs of Syria, Iraq, and the other nations where they operate, terrorism will cease to exist, it needs money, weapons, logistics, and intelligence data to continue, and the Syrians, the Iraqis with the help of their allies proved very well they’re capable of eliminating terrorism in their countries in a matter of weeks, only if the USA and its lackeys stop supporting those terrorists.

Killing stray terrorists in Syria like the Abu Hamzah al Yemeni yesterday in Idlib will not justify the US military operations in Syria, it only adds more suspicion to its role in sponsoring terrorism in Syria, plundering its resources, turning its people into refugees, and waging one more of the perpetual wars of Biden and every US president who preceded him.

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