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UNSC Nazi Junta Holds Most Phony Chemical Fetish Meeting to Date

Nazi Kurt Waldheim became President of Austria before becoming 4th SG of the UN

The NATO junta occupying the UNSC held its most fraudulent, Syria-hating, chemical weapons fetish meeting on 4 October. The P3 Nazis and assorted house servants were so busy trying to increase the size of Guterres imperial UNGA speech, they neglected to don their swastikas, neglected to tweet their rage that the NATO Spring failed in Syria, and instead ignored the monthly meeting.

UNSC NATO junta chemical file meeting shows the klansmen continue to engage in repetition compulsion.
UNSC NATO junta chemical file meeting shows the klansmen continue to engage in repetition compulsion.

According to the UNSC press statement, Izumi Nakamitsu continues to repeat her same lies, or twisting her lies. Syria declared, acceded, turned over its chemical arsenal in record time (after which Obama bombed the Levantine republic because various wetworkers illegally in the SAR lost their heads. Later, Trump — and other NATO Nazi terror regimes bombed Syria because NATO’s al Qaeda said Syria used chemical weapons against Syria).

Dulles Rat Lines got Nazis into NASA, EU, and the UNSC.
Dulles Rat Lines got Nazis into NASA, NATO, EU, and the UN. Some UNSC Nazis should don their swastikas and be done with it.

Nakamitsu also continues to blame Syria for the OPCW Technical Secretariat continuing its hold of the DAT involving inspections of the Barzeh and Jamrayah facilities because of “evolving” COVID, or the weather, and most recently, because Syria refused a visa to an unnamed member of the team, so DAT’s not going, so there!

Instead of giving her full statement, the very High Rep seemed to have decided that the SG’s disturbing UNGA address on 24 September, was not chilling enough, so she retweeted Guterres follow up comment that “power is taken,” to add to the already insidious complicity of the United Nations in being the bastion of the merger of the Military-Industrial Complex with the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

Also chilling was the UK ambassador to the UN not bothering to give a tweet on the UNSC fraudulent meeting, but choosing to suddenly concern itself with Haiti, to condemn Ethiopia’s ejection of some of Britain’s diplomatic elite, and to issue a tweet claiming that famine is a choice.

France, which has never forgiven Syria for kicking out the French occupiers, thanked Nakamitsu for her lies, issued two lying tweets and a short, lying, written statement (only in French, this month).

As the US taxpayer continues to pay the salaries of US politicians and diplomats who engage in perpetual lies for perpetual war — indictable under Nuremberg Principle VI (a)(i)(ii)(b)(c) — it behooves at least one of us to condemn the filthy lies of the uber corrupt.

While Thomas-Greenfield is busy plotting a hit list with other NATO supremacists against countries that the NATO empire disapproves (“a Third Committee Meeting on Countries of Concern), Mills fills in telling the same criminal lies about the JIM, the FFM, the IIT. All of them are nothing but lies, admitted by the UN-OPCW/OPCW-UN, admitted by the Secretariat, admitted by SG Guterres. Every filthy OPCW report in all of its variants is partially screenshot and fully hyperlinked in OPCW ITT Spews New Attack on Syria. There were no investigations in Khan Sheikhoun, Ltaminah, Saraqib because al Qaeda terrorists were a threat. Nonetheless, the corrupt NATO OPCW investigators have had no moral qualms over accepting phony forensics — no chain of custody — sent from the same savages that posed a security risk to their being on the ground to actually investigate, instead, accepting them via less scary terrorists.

Mills’ also continued Thomas-Greenfield’s very weird attempt to intimidate Syria, on 2 September, in which she called upon the UNSC “to impose measures under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter” for “non-compliance with Resolution 2118.” We did not ascertain if Thomas-Greenfield’s ignorance was simply imperial western supremacy, or if American exceptionalism sloth also played a part. On page two of UNSCR 2118 (2013) is found the “Underscoring that Member States are obligated under Article 25 of the Charter of the United Nations to accept and carry out the Council’s decisions…”.

Mills did omit that errant Article 25 — which Syria News noted is not in Chapter Seven, the Chapter which actually points the finger at the unindicted P3 al Qaeda supporters on the Security Council, for warranted “action with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace, and acts of aggression” — but maintained the very Goebbels – like accusation. This deputy ambassador also flaunted the fact that the OPCW is also under the control of the NATO-Nazis, when he bragged that Syria had been stripped of its voting rights per the rabid dogs of war outright support for the criminal psychotics and malignant sociopaths dumped into the SAR to re-colonize it.

His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh, yet again explained to the UNSC that Syria acceded to the CWC of its own volition, and turned over its chemical arsenal in record time.

How long will this ridiculous pretense persist by the P3 Nazis persist?

The UNSC has been hijacked.

Miri Wood

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